Lilith Clawthorne is Eda's sister and the leader of the Emperor's Coven in the Disney show The Owl House. Appearing like an opposite to Eda, Lilith has unlimited magic power and serves for the law, while Eda does so outside the law. Lilith does show concern for her sister, however, and shows a secret need to have Eda join the Emperor's Coven, under the authority of Emperor Bellows of the Boiling Isles, as she is tasked with his advisor Kikimora to capture her. She is voiced by Cissy Jones (Delilah in Firewatch, The Sorceress in Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Dottie).

Role in the series

In the SAFA series, Lilith is revealed to be both the Lilith of Jewish mythology, and the Lilith of Lovecraftian lore, AKA Ilyth'la the Queen of the Night, but she more resembles the Lilith of Lovecraftian lore, minus the blue eyes and crimson lips which she has changed after so long. Like Eda, is a succubus who has had many husbands including Adam of Eden, Nodens, and Samael. She has even pulled her weight against the Mischievers that Luz fought including Yog-Sothoth and Magnum Tenebrosum. (Albeit not without initially helping Yog and being brainwashed by MT).

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