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Chester Mickey Linnaeus
Vital statistics
Title Assistant of Doctor Reddick
Gender Male
Race/Species Raccoon (Procyon lotor)
Faction Herbavoris Underworld, Criminal Junker, Street Trader, Petty Thief, And Scavenger
Description Poor, Psychologically Tormented, Sensitive of Species, Mood Swings, Often Grudge-Holding, Mildly Autistic, Intolerable to Cruelty
Skills and Abilities Natural Raccoon Abilities, Master Thief And Eluder, Master at Parkour
Status Still at Large
Location Herbavoris (Hometown)
Alignment Neutral Good

Chester M. Linnaeus is a raccoon from the world of Zootopia. He is a 30-year-old street criminal who lived in Herbavoris since before the deployment of the infamous Tame Collars that segregated predators like him. This deployment of collars occurred when he was 17 years old, and he was mildly autistic, and prone to not coping well with cruelty and restraint, even when seeing them happen in movies. But since his father was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for a pretty petty charge, even to the point of knocking himself out when trying and failing to resist his collar's shocks just to 'show no pain', Linnaeus ran away from home, skipping school entirely and living in the streets eating nothing but garbage, feeling wronged and tortured. Even though he never went through the taming ceremony, his autistic mind viewing his father being arrested in a harsh mannor gave him inspiration. Thus, he spent most of his life in the streets as a junker, street trader, petty thief, and scavenger. Eventually, he was invited to the Predator Underground where he was finally stripped of his Tame Collar, which he was grateful for because it forever served as a reminder of what it did to his family. His skills in life eventually earned him a career as a provider of resources all over the public areas of Herbavoris and bring them to the Predator Underground that needs it, because doing so themselves was impossible because of not only the heavy surveillance T.U.S.K. deployed all over the city, but also that there is constant patrols that are required to record and catalog services to improve investigation as Mayor Swineton, the one responsible for the collar law, wishes to shut down the Predator Underground once and for all. Linnaeus even found a friend in Doctor Reddick, a red panda scientist seeking to balance out the consequences of the removal of Tame Collars from predators who have had them longer than Linnaeus had, and thus he serves as his assistant.


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