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Lionel the Lion is Alex the Lion's long lost elder brother living in Danville and is an O.W.C.A agent who is asked by Major Monogram to help Agent P on his assignment to learn more about the Shell Louge Squad on raising Kairi as her family and keeping her and the United Universe safe along with protecting them from Team Nefarious. Like Alex, Lionel was born in Africa and was the eldest son of Zuba with the birth name Limbikani. Lionel was the one who wanted to be a hunter and the next alpha lion like his father before him while his youngest brother was more interested in dancing. Lionel was captured after Alex's capture when Makunga challenged Zuba to a fight for the position of alpha lion. After having a fight with Makunga after blaming him for his young brother's disappearance, he fell for a similar trick and got captured by the same poachers and forced into a crate, and taken away. Before Lionel could be sold off in auctions, the poachers were beaten by O.W.C.A animal agents and brought Lionel to the Danville Zoo, where he not only got his current name, but became The King of the Tri-State Area by day and he and the other zoo animals trained in the O.W.C.A zoo training facility at night. A chance to meet his long-lost brother and learn of the destiny he was chosen for came when Major Monogram requested him to help Perry the Platypus on his assignment to learn more about the Shell Lodge Squad, whom which he learned his brother was a part of. When Alex reunites with his long lost brother, Lionel has taken a special liking to Kairi and sees her as a dance partner, he desides to help the Lodge out on their mission to protect her from the Villain Leage's goal for the Princesses of Heart.


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Lionel Looks like Alex with the same shape of his mane and they both look alike. The diffrence is that is birthmark (The African continent on Alex's left paw) is on the right side of Lionel's and his O.W.C.A agent hat is the same color as Perry's.