Little 'Annoying' Sweethearts

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Kowalski, in the hopes that his already-perfect relationship with Doris will not be put in jeopardy after a visit from Eva (whom she asked to kiss her at the end of their movie), decides to create a serum that can boost pheromone effects, making it a kind of love serum. However, Kowalski keeps this love serum in a juice bottle. This causes SpongeBob and Sandy to drink the love serum thinking it was juice while SpongeBob was finally getting the guts to ask Sandy out. As a result, instead of going out, they fall in love with each other. The Lodgers are confused the next morning when SpongeBob and Sandy were seen sleeping together, and they also kiss more often than they rarely do. This causes Kowalski to figure out they drunk the serum, and immediately plans to find an antidote. In the meantime, the Lodgers have to keep the two focused on missions, and keep their spontaneous bond a secret. But unfortunately, Hank Jr. discovers this despite their best efforts, and plans to use it to his advantage. Things get crazier when, in a matter of 2 days, SpongeBob proposes to Sandy out of nowhere, and they agree to get married (Despite the fact that they technically were married because of that play in Truth or Square). With Hank Jr. preparing his army of armored zombies and his last remaining mutant guardian, Payne, how will our heroes handle this?





Kowalski's Love Triangle Situation

Living Room

(After ambient scene)

  • Kowalski: (He screamed in the same fashion as with InvExpo)
  • Skipper: Aw, dammit, Kowalski's freaking out again!
  • Private:... You mean your two girlfriends?
  • Kowalski: Yeah! They don't know about each other! Doris somehow gained a scooter like Blowhole's built from non-contraband means, and Eva has the day off from North Wind!
  • Icky:... You seriously never cleared this love triangle thing up? Haven't you been seeing each other on Valentine's?
  • Kowalski: Yeah, but those few times, I was able to keep them from seeing each other as much as I could. It was... Stressful!


  • (This music played as Eva and Doris were steered away from each other comically by Kowalski throughout the years)
Ragtime Piano SCOTT JOPLIN

Ragtime Piano SCOTT JOPLIN . " The Entertainer " (1902)


  • Skipper: And you can't confront the both of them yourselves, because why?
  • Kowalski: Well, for Doris, since she's had loads of boyfriends and I've been dumped for a long time, if she hears I've been with a pretty owl, then it'd shatter her as much as it likely would me.


  • Doris: (She was acting in a similar fashion to Kowalski)


  • Sparx: (Laughs) That's ridiculous! She clearly knows you, and not just through your comical attempts to get her back.
  • Kowalski: Oh, does she? Do you even KNOW how we broke up?
  • Fidget:... You never talked about that... Like, at all!
  • Private: "I don't think our canon show even addressed this, like..... At all."
  • Kowalski:... Well... A guy much SMARTER than me, drove her away from me. Some Han-Solo-sounding porpoise named DOUG, made her look down on me, because he was 'more controlled' and 'less-selfish'!
  • Icky: Eh, Harrison Ford IS married to Doris's voice actress, so why wouldn't he-
  • Kowalski: (He started beating himself up massively and comically) DOUG-IS-A-GIRL-FRIEND-STEA-LER!!!
  • Skipper: Didn't she say he never did so INTENTIONALLY?!?
  • Kowalski: Yes, but he should STILL be ashamed for starting my misery! Glad that the LAST one ended up being a backstabbing duckface!
  • Private: So... Why get together with Eva when you were already taken?
  • Kowalski: Just a precaution in case events repeat. But... Since this is OBVIOUSLY one of the common worlds where Polygamy is considered unfavorable, I HAD to keep it a secret.
  • Sparx: For the rest of a relationship? What if it was to last forever?
  • Skipper: "Kowalski and Doris? It never works out in the end! Him and Eva? I might see some longevity in that if Kowalski doesn't end up ruining it for both her and Doris!"
  • Icky: "Oy, masugina, it's the Triple Threat Episode from MLP, Love Triangle Edition, isn't it? Kowalski, why not just be honest with them? I mean, Doris is obviously gonna drift away from you towards Doug anyway, and I think Eva shows a general interest in you. Don't botch it up with her by trying to play secret casanova, it never works out in the end. And as stated, a world that accepts Polygamy is ridiculously rare to the point that the idea is almost unheard off, to the dismay to those AUU birds that think it's the answer to avoid typical relationship problems and that love should be shared and not squandered to a single person. If anything, a situation like this kinda proves their point."

SpongeBob's Attempt At A Date


  • Icky: (He and the others were making dinner until SpongeBob came in)
  • SpongeBob: Hey, guys. Have you seen Sandy around?
  • Iago: Nope. Why?
  • Icky: Wait... (Sniffs)... Are my beak nostrels decehving me, or, are you wearing cologne?
  • SpongeBob: It's just my natural musk.
  • Iago: (The two looked at each other and smiled)... OOOOOOOOOHHHH, IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!
  • SpongeBob: (Scoffs) What gave you THAT idea?
  • Icky: Crush? Kisses? Spandy fanfiction? You smelling like you just came out of a purfume store and NOT looking miserable about it like in the episode where you and Squidward and Patrick were held up by the Flying Dutchmen? It's too damn obvious.
  • Fidget: Wow, SpongeBob! I never thought you'd do it. What got you to finally perk up?
  • SpongeBob:... Well... When Kowalski was dealing with Eva and Doris, I thought... It'd be now or never.
  • Sparx: (Laughs) I'm proud of you, SpongeBob! You're finally following your heart, or, whatever it is sponges actselly have.
  • Gilda: I'm surprised, to pull an Applejack here. You two have held back for a long time. And now you're socializing your relationship?
  • SpongeBob: Well... I tried many times before, but I cowered away before I could ask her out.
  • Fidget: Because you were shy of taking your relationship to the next level?
  • SpongeBob: You COULD say that.
  • Icky:... Personal question: Why do you love her? (Before he spoke) ASIDE FROM THE OBVIOUS! I mean more deeper reasons then just because she's one hot nut-eating NASA intellected martical artist rodent to you!
  • SpongeBob:... Well... Dear Neptune, where do I start? I didn't exactly fall in love with her when I saved her from that clam. It was... Shall we say... Seeing her grow into a life underwater. You see, since that homesickness incident in 2000, we had a talk that made me come to appreciate her and land creatures more. And when she first got out of her pressurized suit in August 2000 in Goo Lagoon, I started to like her as a person who fully-embraced her new home. She said she got out of that suit to get more comfortable as she said the suit got a little sweaty at times, and it seemed to do well. She got out of it more often. Back then, puberty hadn't hit yet as I was late in that department. But as time went on, puberty kicked me in the balls, and I started falling in love.
  • Trixie:... That's... Actually very sweet. You loved her because you came to appreciate her as a land creature who found that the water can be just as inviting as the South?
  • Gilda: As in, how much relationships usually start out?
  • SpongeBob: I wouldn't say that, but yeah.
  • Icky: Another question. How were you able to interact with her in the swimsuit attire all those times?
  • SpongeBob:... Blame how I fell in love with her. In air, she seems okay to interact with. But in water, well...
  • Icky: Oh, God, you've got an aquaphilic attraction to her!
  • Iago: Well, yeah, water does seem to help in regards to attraction. Why do you think people like girls wet?
  • Icky: Too much info, Iag. And going too far with into is usually MY SHTICHK!
  • SpongeBob: So... Yeah... I wanna ask her out. It's been a long time coming.
  • ???: SHEEEE-YOO! Been a while since I skin-showered.
  • Icky:... (They comically made their dinner quickly) Good luck, lover-boy! (They left, and passed right by Sandy)
  • Sandy: DAD GUM! What's their rush? (He went into the kitchen)... Oh... Hey, SpongeBob.
  • SpongeBob:... (He noted how wet she was, and shook off the attraction after 2.5 seconds)... Sandy... There's something I need to ask.
  • Sandy: "Did you do something stupid with one of my exspeariments again like the many times in the canon show, classic AND modern, and now want my help in fixing it?"
  • SpongeBob: No, no, no, no, no, no! It's just-
  • Sandy: Wait... Are you wearing cologne?
  • SpongeBob:... Natural musk?
  • Sandy:... SpongeBob? What's this about? (She got out Kowalski's love serum juice bottle)
  • SpongeBob: Oh, I could use some of that juice.
  • Sandy:... Okay. (She poured him some as they say on the table)... Tell me, what's going on?
  • SpongeBob:... Well... I... Well... I... Well... I...
  • Sandy: Are you gonna repeat those words again?
  • SpongeBob: (Sighs) Alright, I just need a drink! (He drinks as he hiccupped heart-shaped bubbles)... (Takes breath)... I... (A splice sound was heard)... I wanna ask you out on a date tonight.
  • Sandy:... Really?
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, it's-it's-it's been a long time coming, an I just wanna spend quality time with you.
  • Sandy: Well... I dunno. This seems too soon.
  • SpongeBob: Oh, PLEASE?!? I've waited for this for a LONG time!
  • Sandy: Let me think about it, okay? I mean, yikes! I never knew you'd do this. (She drinks her cup, and hiccupped the same heart-shaped bubbles)
  • SpongeBob: Well, you know what they say, it's now or never. So, please! PLEEEASE! If we don't do this now, we might ne- (She put her finger on her mouth as she was in love with him)
  • Sandy:... What the heck? We were meant for each other.
  • SpongeBob:... (He squeed) YAY! (He dances) I'm on a date with Sandy! I'm on a date with Sandy!
  • Sandy: SpongeBob, calm down! Let's just get into something comfortable.
  • SpongeBob: Long tan and handsome?
  • Sandy: Tarnation, no! Into something we know each other love. We do know a few things, so let's make it work. See you in a few.... (She kisses him on the cheek)
  • SpongeBob:... (He melted cartoonishly into sludge which slithered away)
  • Sandy: (Giggled) Well, this seemed to be a good opportunity. (They left, then this music played as SpongeBob put on masquerade, soaked himself into a clean shiny appearance, shined his shoes, put on more nut-scented cologne, and took a shower, while Sandy painted her fingernails and toenails wiggling them in display, decided for her helmet's flower, until she decided a more sea-themed hair detail through an anemone, put on a glittering dress, put on the nut ring from Hank, moisturized her fur with moisturizer, put on makeup, and the two were helped comically by Patrick and Gary, respectively)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart Lyrics

Don't Go Breaking My Heart Lyrics

  • SpongeBob: (The two spin-hugged and got ready as the song ended) WOW! You look...
  • Sandy: Stunning? Beautiful? Pretty? Cute? The list is endless.
  • SpongeBob: (Laughs) Well, I say it's easy to like you in that attire.
  • Sandy: Ready?
  • SpongeBob: That's my catchphrase for crying out loud! (They left)

Love Being An Annoyance

Dragon Temple Living Room

  • Icky: (He came out disturbed)... (He felt like hurling)...
  • Fidget: Ickster, what's up?
  • Icky:... I was going to check up on SpongeBob and Sandy... But... I, ended up showing up while things got, Triple-X Spandy Fiction hot!
  • Sparx: Wha?
  • Icky: And trust me, you do NOT wanna know what I just witnessed. Let's just say that... Props for the Sponge becoming a REAL man if ya catch my drift! Un-props for it being done out for the world to see, with the swamp having front-row tickets! It, was... Was... OH, GOD!!!
  • Iago:... Okay, I do not wanna know, yes.
  • Icky: You know, I thought that this mysterious love bloom was adorable and cute, but now... It's just gotten sick and unmentionable. I don't know what happened at that date of theirs, but whatever happened, we need to confront the two, NOW!
  • Boss Wolf: Are you sure?
  • Icky: Yeah! If they keep this up, it runs the risk of our enemies taking advantage of it. Yeah, it's known by a handful of our enemies, but not all of them, and those who DON'T can use their superior power to affect them. We need to talk to them.
  • Gilda: Well, someone's gotta. Given what you said, it's like they've gotten down to lustful action.
  • Icky: Let's go.

Sandy's Room

  • SpongeBob: (He and a wet Sandy came in sighing in bliss)... WOW! I never thought I could FINALLY get this far!
  • Sandy: (Giggles extensively) Lucky you! After all, given how swimmingly our date went, well, I felt I owed it to you. Now get in the bed so I can sud you up, if you know what I mean. (The two laughed as they got into bed and kissed)
  • ???: Guys? (They faced Icky and the others)
  • Icky:... Care to explain what all that stuff in the swamp was about?
  • Sandy:... Um... I dunno.
  • Sparx: Oh, don't play dumb, lovebirds! I know blind love when I see it. You two are ENAMORED and LOST in each other's eyes, to where you do silly things. Sleeping together in bed, literally of course, was cute, but after this... I feel something's wrong with-
  • Fidget:... Love serum?
  • Mr. Whiskers: Why not 'love potion'?
  • Gilda: That's mainly a term for those of magical origin. Science guys use 'serum' for that in scientific origin. It's kinda silly when it's the other way around.
  • Trixie:... Guys... What did you do before you went out on that date?
  • SpongeBob:... Had a drink of juice?
  • Sandy: Yeah, it had a pretty wrangling-good taste, too. It's like many Kool-Aid flavors were combined in the same container.
  • Gilda:... Oh, goddamn it, if Kowalski kept that serum in that juice bottle, I am gonna-
  • Kowalski: (Came in with the juice bottle) CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO DRUNK THE SERUM?!?
  • Icky: (Sarcastically) Gee! I don't know! Ask the happy couple here!
  • Kowalski:... Oh, God! You've gone full Spandy on yourselves! Do you have ANY idea what you've done?
  • Sandy: Oh, Kowalski, we should be thanking you. We've kinda held back for a while. SpongeBob shared a LOT of nice and kind things to me, so I've started liking him more. I learned a WHOLE LOT!
  • Icky: Yeah. Like how SpongeBob has wanted you to do a LOT of things. I mean, JESUS CHRIST!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I SAW THAT!! You guys need to snap out of it!
  • SpongeBob:... You know, you're right. We can't do this all the time. I'm sure this will pass. Right, Sandy?
  • Sandy: AND HOW!
  • Kowalski: Well I gotta find a reverse serum to fix the effects. Until then, keep your romantic feelings to yourself.
  • Gilda: "Well then, that's cool. I mean, as long as it doesn't end up hindering our work as heroes."
  • Lord Shen: "Espeically since we got a long day of dealing with the usual super-villains and criminals while the Amazing Nine are away at a convention! We have our work cut out for us!"
  • Gilda: "Well by then, I'm sure this love-lust is gonna wear off soon."


  • Pig E. Bank: (The heroes fight him until Sandy and SpongeBob beat him together)
  • SpongeBob: (Shivers in pleasure) Your Southern background ALWAYS turns me on! (The two kissed)
  • Pig E. Bank:... You guys have a love bloom, recently?
  • Lord Shen: (Sighs) You two, we're in a battle! AND YOU! (Points at Pig E. Bank) If you take advantage of it, then you'll be sorry! (The police arrest him)
  • Gilda: "It's only a matter of time before it wears off."

Later, again...

  • PopDaddy: (He plays this when fighting the heroes)
Hall & Oates - Out of Touch

Hall & Oates - Out of Touch

  • Shrek: OH, NO! NOT THIS! NOT, DANCING!!!
  • Donkey: Speak for yourself, this is awesome!
  • Shrek: You'd say so.
  • PopDaddy: So, how are you heroes gonna beat me now?
  • ???: Like THIS! (Sandy and SpongeBob romantically danced extremely and cartoonishly passionately, and dance-fought PopDaddy)
  • Sandy: (Giggles) This is fun!
  • SpongeBob: (Laughs) You said it! (They finally beat PopDaddy)
  • Sandy/SpongeBob: YEEEEE-HOOOO!! (They kissed)
  • PopDaddy:... Did the Spandy fanfiction finally get to you two?
  • Lord Shen: (Throws blades around him as he yelped) I don't think that's, ANY, OF, YOUR, BUSINESS! (They arrested him)
  • Gilda: ".... Okay, I'm sure by the next guy, it'll tone down."

Later, again, again...

  • Wolfgang: (He fought strongly against the Lodgers) RAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
  • Icky: I'M ACTIIIIII- (Wolfgang back-handed him) PUHLEH!! (He crashed into a wall)
  • Wolfgang: PLEASE! Is anyone ACTUALLY gonna provide a challenge for me- (Sandy and SpongeBob tickled him and scratched him in the belly as he twitched his legs) NO! NO! NOT THE LEG-TWITCHY THING!!! (Laughs)
  • Sandy: You just need to take chill pills, Wolfy!
  • SpongeBob: Yeah! And the cops have it for you! (He was passionately pacified as the cops arrested him)... And now... IT'S MY TURN!! (SpongeBob started tickling Sandy as giggles erupted, and it continued for 30 seconds until they kissed again)
  • Gilda: ".... Hey, it has to happen eventually."

Another later again, again.

  • Candyroot was tied up into a humiliating heart-shaped reef hanging on the Tri-Corn Building.
  • Sandy and Spongebob were fondling over this.
  • Candyroot: "..... All I wanted was to usurped Tri-corn for senatorial power so I can take revenge on Candy Inc, NOT THIS?! Wait, was it Candy Co or Inc? DANG IT, I HAVE BEEN AT THIS REVENGE FOR SO LONG THAT I AM LOSING FOCUS?! It's official?! I need to go to that Villain's Retreat in Muggshotra and get my mind focused again?!"
  • Icky: "Oh don't worry. You're the lucky one. You'll be taken back to super-villain jail after this bro-ha-ha! We are the ones who have to LIVE with them!"
  • Gilda: "..... Maybe by the next guy it'll cool down?"

Yet again.

  • The Pyscho Farmer was already knocked out while Spongebob and Sandy were enjoying a romantic feast on the defeated mutant foods.
  • Gilda: "..... The next guy for sure!"

Yet again.

  • Cyber Kong is made to play romantic dance music as Sandy and Spongebob dance.
  • Cyber Kong: "..... I would actselly like to go back to supervillain prison now?!"
  • Gilda: "...... I'm, positive it'll be done soon?"

Yet again.

  • Mumbo Jumbo and Circusfreak are made to entertain Sandy and Spongebob, to the two miserable villains' CLEAR detriment!
  • Mumbo Jumbo: "This is actselly the first time I actselly WANT to be sent back to jail?!"
  • Circusfreak was crying!
  • Gilda: ".... Ugggggghhhhh."

Yet again!

  • The Bombio Bros are made to give a spectacular firework display as Sandy and Spongebob make out!
  • Boom-Fox: "How long do we have to keep this up, brother? I hate a'wasting our bombs on nothing and not getting a'rich!"
  • Bomb-Bat: "Until they are done brother. Until they are done."
  • Gilda facepalmed.

Yet again!!

  • Spongebob and Sandy are enjoying the view of awesome waves being done by a whimpering Beach Bummer.
  • Beach Bummer cried!
  • Gilda: "..... I'm not gonna bother."

Yet again!!!

  • Spongebob and Sandy were horseback riding on the Blackjack Knight's robot horse as the forementioned villain was running on foot!
  • Gilda: "...... Good grief....."


  • Spongebob and Sandy enjoyed cooked spaghetti from the chained Super-villain chef, Multi-National Cook Crook, while enjoying the music of Pop Ztar, the diva supervillain, and the Headless Waiter, a cursed super-villain waiter and his head servents, are being made to serve as waiters.
  • Headless Waiter: "(With a french head) Will there be anything else, monsieur heroes?"
  • Spongebob: "Put it on the louger's tab."
  • Headless Waiter: "You're not paying us, you enslaved us until the police come."
  • Sandy: "Consider it pre-assigned community service."
  • Headless Waiter, Pop Ztar, and Multi-National Cook Crook groaned at this.
  • The Kangaroo Carjack arrived with a limousine, clearly looking annoyed as he was seen as a chauffeur.
  • Carjack: "(Angerly) Your blooming limo has arrived, mates."
  • Spongebob: "We will momentarily join you, chauffeur!"
  • Carjack growled.
  • The Lougers facepalm at them as Gazelle looked on concerned.
  • Gilda:... Okay, it's clear it's not passing.
  • Gazelle: "..... This REALLY needs to be fixed."


  • Spyro:... This is a BIG problem.
  • Sparx: No s***, Sherlock!
  • Spyro: Sparx, behave!
  • Lord Shen: "Those two ended up being an extreme nuisance to our usual villain lineup! I mean, look at this! (Brings out "The Daily Hero" Magazine) They violated the Bed King and, done "it", on top of that poor but evil sentient bed! I don't think the poor beast can ever afford to do evil again until he recovers from that state!"
  • Icky: "And don't get us started on our impending lawsuit from Gleenhouse and Chocolate Boxer and on how Spongebob yanked apart of Glen's flower skin off and pretty much took C.B.'s chocolate innards as gifts for Sandy! We're getting sued by mutants, people?!"
  • Squidward: "And the less is said about what happened with the Elastic Connerd Dom, the better."
  • Spyro: Yeah, there's no denying it! It's too obvious. (Sandy and SpongeBob were still making out in bed blissfully)
  • Patrick: They do seem pretty happy...
  • Mr. Krabs:... Maybe a little, TOO happy.
  • Merlin: Uh, what am I, chop liver?
  • Kowalski: Hey, didn't you say you can't undo true love?
  • Merlin: Well, actually, that's not because of what you think it is thanks to Sponge's Nicktoon buddies, it's actually because... Well... Undoing true love, even if it's for a good cause, tends to not go well. It's like separating a person from his family. It's guaranteed to slaughter the person mentally, so it has to be prohibited.
  • Kowalski: (Sighs) Just DO it already, and don't bother with the lame excuse of 'because plot'! AT THIS POINT I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT PLOT?!
  • Merlin: (Sighs) If you insist! (He goes in)... Okay you two, I'm sorry to say, but it's time your needless love madness comes to a halt! I'm gonna- (The two were heard roaring cartoonishly as everyone was surprised to hear that)... (He came out scared stiff)... The two do NOT wanna be disturbed.
  • Icky: Then just do it when they're not looking!
  • (SpongeBob): WE CAN HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!
  • Mr. Whiskers: BLAST, THEY'VE OUTFOXED US AGAIN! Wow, he's the leader for a reason.
  • Brandy: (Sighs aggravated) Merlin, just make it count!
  • Merlin: I don't know how easy that will be, honestly. If they're gonna be lost in each other's loving embrace, then it's gonna be hard.
  • Icky: We can't just have our leader go around on missions kissing that squirrel wherever he goes! That's gonna attract unneeded attention!
  • Iago: "Ya mean besides the villains that ended up getting dragged into this awkwardly?"
  • Icky:..... JUST, DO IT!
  • Merlin: "Okay okay fine! Just give a chance to set up a good spell and-"
  • Spongebob's voice: "Oh lougers?"
  • Spongebob came through the door very engorged in something.....
  • Spongebob: "(Gurgling) Surf's up!"
  • Icky: "..... Spongebob, what, exactly, did you absorb..... OH PLEASE DON'T TELL ME-"
  • Spongebob: "(Gurgling) What? No! The mattress we were on was a water bed! (The Mattress was seen flatter then it was before)...."
  • Icky: "..... AW THANK GODS?! But still. Awwww crap."
  • Squidward: "Wait wait, Spongebob, KNOW THAT WE ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU AND SANDY'S OWN GOOD-"
  • Spongebob hosed the Lougers and Gazelle away in a massive tidal wave that in the process ruined the Dragon Guardian Temple!


  • The Grand Council was seen guiding a very impourent ambassador here.
  • Warson: "I ensure you, Ambassitor Aquaos I. Ntolerent, ambassador of the Drysino race, one that's deathly allergic to water, that you will be safe here with the Lougers until the Aquanoids can be reasoned with-"
  • The Water flood bursts through the door as the heroes screamed!
  • The Grand Councilors screamed as well, as did the screaming ambassador!

The aftermath.

  • The Grand Councilors were seen as wet as the Lougers.
  • Gazelle: "..... Ohhhh, is everyone all right?"
  • The Heroes muttered.
  • Pang Bing was wet and shivering.
  • Pang Bing: "The, hours, of licking, I would have to DO NOW?!"
  • Icky: "..... Well I ain't gonna be flying anytime soon."
  • Squidward sees the Grand Councilors.
  • Squidward: "The Grand Councilors, what're you guys doing here?"
  • Warson: "Oh, well, you see, we were going to bring forth an impourent ambassador of the crumbling Drysino race. A race of reptilian beings that are incapable to handle liquids, even water as they had a VERY complicated evolution that would have to be explained in a better time.... Trouble is, I fear that we, may picked a bad time to do it."
  • Mr. Krabs: "Well where's the Ambassador?"
  • Everyone looks to see a gross pulsing rotten pile with regel robes on them as it appears that the water has reduced the ambassador to nothing but a pile of gross stuff not good enough for an open casket funeral......
  • Icky: "..... That, is why it's stupid logic to have an alien race that can't handle water.... IN FACT, WHY TAKE THE POOR SAP TO A SWAMP?!"
  • Calixto: "..... In hindsight, the HA could've been a better option."
  • Lord Shen: ".... Councilors, we are SO SORRY! You see, Spongebob and Sandy are not being themselves and-"
  • Warson: "No need, it's our own fault for not calling ahead of time. We'll, send for an undertaker to pick up the Ambassador.... What's left of him. It's tragic that the Drysino race ended like this as the Aquaniods would finally win their war against them. The Drysinos could potaintionally become extinct if we can't convince the Aquaniods to make peace."
  • Gazelle looked horrified at that statement....
  • Bayo: "But don't worry lougers, we'll take all the blame for the Ambassitor's untimely fate. The Aquaniods are still reasonable folk. Peace will be settled.... Eventually."
  • The Grand Councilors leave.
  • Jling: ".... Nice going, half-wits. (Gets bonked by Warson and gets dragged by the tail by Lotus) OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW?!"
  • Gazelle: "...... A race..... Is going to die?........ (Gets firey angery?!)....... THHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TEARS IT?!"
  • Pang Bing: "Gazelle, calm down, the Councilors said they will find a way to fix this-"
  • Gazelle zoomed right back into the Dragon Guardian Temple!
  • The Thief thinks: "Oh, this is BAD?!"

The Half-Breakup



Intro theme.

Haddaway - What is Love Lyrics

Haddaway - What is Love Lyrics

Chapter 1- Crazy Love Triangle

Chapter 2- Kowalski's New Breakthrough

Chapter 3- A Sudden Mistake

Chapter 4- A Sponge and a Squirrel in Love

Chapter 5- Hank Jr's New Plan

Chapter 6- Love Takes All!

Chapter 7- The Proposal

Chapter 8- Hank Jr. Attacks

Chapter 9- The Half-Breakup


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