Liz S. VaLox is an Alternate UUniversal Reptinian from Planet Wavplex. She is of a race of reptilian beings native to Reptinios Major, who were agile alien lizard beings that could scale walls, adapt, eat anything, and formed a society in a planet of bioluminescent forests and large high-tech treehouse cities. Dreaming of one day opening the best resort on a planet flooded by the effects of climate change, her dream was done way better by someone else, and they immediately bought her property after she goes bankrupt trying to outdo them. Accusing them of stealing her dreams, she destroyed the entire resort with its nuclear reactor. She has since become a pirate opportunist that steals great ideas from others and capitalizes on anything. She stole the technology of Alicia and Alisia and made them look like copycats and cost them their science degrees, using this technology to upgrade her pirate career and turn a half-decomposed ray-shark into a cybernetic submarine shark she called 'Meaty'. For years she even thwarted every attempt at revenge from Alicia and Alisia, until the arrival of Xasandra Waterfoot. Xas came out of nowhere and took all the resources from a sunken city before Liz could. Angry at her for stealing her opportunity, Liz stole everything from her and left her to drown, only to be rescued by Alicia and Alisia. With their help, Xas took down Liz and cleared the twins' names. Liz now sits in a Wavplex Maximum Security Prison for her crimes. Liz is a master of trickery and tactics, almost managing to kill Xas with advanced technology and Meaty, including a bullet that negates aquagens, and magnacuffs which can bind limbs and change weight remotely. However, Liz pocess more then what the appearance of a run of the mill scrap pirate might suggest.


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