Lizzie Currents

Lizzie Mary Currents

Lizzie M. Currents is a Red lionfish from SpongeBob's world. Once being a waitress, singer, dancer, and the beloved belle of Bass Vegas from a semi-financially-divided family where some were able to be rich beyond their wildest dreams while much of them are left to being poor and on the verge of poverty due to Bass Vegas' horrendous politics, and thus she also had to lead a life of a secret and shameful stripper, of which she did well to keep it well hidden as the politics banned such a thing. However, she was exposed by an overly-vengeful former enemy of hers from her younger days when she used to be a nasty kid who picked on her until Lizzie matured from that. But the kid she used to picked on clearly did not as she became an investigative journalist, and a nosey one at that, who tricked her into exposing it as revenge. Thus by law, Lizzie was exiled to an island far in the goo oceans. Though Lizzie's former victim never remained unpunished as Lizzie's vengeful grandfather had her sued to life imprisonment for vengeful blackmailing and immature media lies. Even then, Lizzie couldn't cope with the fact that she still suffered even when it's clear that she only did the disgraceful act to help support her family, and thus, she does it in another way: by being a black marketer and the founder of Bermuda Currents Incorporated, a name that'll come to be known as a powerful secret underground corporation recognized in all of the Pacific Ocean, give or take a few civilized trenches, which operates in the center of the Bikini Bottom Triangle, where she enslaved the native mermaids through manipulated sympathy to bring her all kinds of property she can auction off throughout the entire ocean. Eventually, when a few were freed from her control thanks to SpongeBob, she orders for him to be brought to the capital island of the BBT. Entirely isolated with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs, Lizzie intends to turn SpongeBob against his friends so she can have him as her enslaved co-worker and partner-in-crime, mainly controlling him through her appearance which seems to put Sandy's to shame, utterly making Sandy angry that she manipulates him like this the same way Raeka Sweetcheeks did to Dandy. She is a acrobat who learned how to traverse the junk-ridden island that are her auctioned-off stolen objects, and she naturally has venom that can cause extreme pain, and possibly headaches, vomiting, and breathing difficulties, though like her species, it is mainly for defense, and she can even glide through the water with her cloak-like spiny structures. She tends to be passive-aggressive and subtly demeans those against her or believes them to be a nuisance or a threat, but is otherwise respectful to her own mermaid and interspecies employees. After years of living with junk, she even has skill in tinkering and building hidden war machines, including one of her best bodyguards, The Triskelion Guard, despite her being able to turn her dancing skills into her own makeshift martial art.


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