The Loadsby Squad

The Loadsby Squad

The Loadsby Squad is a group of six Alternate UUniversal robots that are under the servitude to Roboface. Ever since he lost Xultron and Crusho in having turned against him for being a bad boss, he found perfect replacements in the form of six robots that are derived from the A-Sentries and A-Sentinels that were under the command of Awesome Jaxtom in the Beofynzeny System. Updated from their original designs, and named after their creator and manufacturer, they were made to serve him at all times, and at least be much more tolerable of his anti-robot comments so they don't end up lost to him. However, that doesn't mean they actselly like Roboface nor his comments, and all it would take is an insult too far on even so much as something even they couldn't've prevented and you can kiss their barely stable relationship goodbye, and later provide a better role on Fyzogmer as heroes. They are similar to Borderlands Loaders, and two of each have the same abilities an roles.


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The six individuals are told apart not just by numbers, but by red or blue coloration, and by inverted designs.

  • L1 and L2

    L1 and L2

    L1 and L2- The two smallest of the Loadsbys. Being similar to GUN Loaders, they are foot soldiers who can wield virtually any firearm or weapon they can find with versatile effects. They speak like Loaders, having comedic reactions and common senses of humor.
  • L3 and L4

    L3 and L4

    L3 and L4- The second largest of the Loadsbys. Being similar to BUL Loaders, they are the support that use durable shields and rapid-firing multi-setting arm cannons to provide aide. They too have Loader personalities, having hilarious robot lines and senses of humor.
  • L5 and L6

    L5 and L6

    L5 and L6- The biggest of the Loadsbys. Being similar to Super Badass Loaders, they are the heavy tanks of the group that have six massive multi-setting cannons that substitute their arms. They are silent, yet they have mechanical roars.
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