The Lodgers and their allies, along with Team Positron, have successfully stopped Feath-Ja-Jo, and had him arrested. Now with the Aphronion System in a truce, the heroes' next step is to go to the Opassap System. There, Queen Creek Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji the 9th is planning to create hives throughout the other 2 planetary systems and swarm the planets, massively enslaving inhapitents. While on this mission, the heroes discover that a group of villains from the Villains Act got each of the corrupted leaders elected in a complicated attempt to declare war. The reason is unknown, but the heroes discover that the villains are located somewhere in any one of the 4 systems. And it's not Aphronion, nor is it Opassap. But now, the Lodge and their allies must discover who this villain team is, where they are, and how to stop the war. But first, they must stop Ji-Ji-Ji-Ji from swarming the other systems. There is also a new problem: Ji-Ji has fallen in loved with Mantis after he was captured by an ambush.

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