The bloody Lockjaw

Uharibifu, AKA Lockjaw, is a notorious hyena warrior who is a brutal enemy of Banzai. They both had violent battles long ago during the Lion-Hyena Feud. However, that doesn't mean he's evil, just a violent cussing, inappropriate jerk to Banzai and it worsened over time. He was actually an old friend of Merlock, and had witnessed how he caused the Lion-Hyena Feud from the moment Shenzi's parents were murdered. And he also sensed that their own daughter was the only one who was destined to defeat Merlock when the moment was right. And ever since the Hyenas reformed, Lockjaw was entrusted to become Shenzi's own bodyguard when she uses the pure hyena powers to defeat Merlock. And when she does...things will get bloody and brutal.

he does appear in the two part episode "Banzai's worse bully.", where Merlock came back and Lockjaw has been entrusted with becoming Shenzi's protacter.


  • "(To Banzai) Hey, bi***! I heard you love Shenzi! Banzai and Shenzi sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! (Banzai: Will you shut up?!?)
  • "Hey, Banzai! Is your refrigerator running? Because if it is, then it probably runs like you...very homosexually! (Banzai: Oh, very funny!)
  • "Hey, Butt-zai! Take this! (Farts in Banzai's face, laughs)(Banzai: Oh, you are so dead carrion, Lockjaw!)"
  • "Guys, you won't believe what I did to Banzai tonight!...(Scoffs)...I added a little seasonings in his dinner for him! (Scoffs) Just wait for it...(Banzai: (Spits food out) What the heck! There's poop in this wildebeest!...LOCKJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!)(All laughs)"
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