Looger P. Boosalis

Looger Preston Boosalis 
 is a law-rebellious wolverine who greatly dispises the law. He did many crimes that made the public afraid of him. He always says that being bad makes him happy.

Looger will appear in 'Officer Axle's Biggest Challenge', a 2 part series where the Shell Lodge learns about Looger, and attempts to help Axle arrest him.


Looger started out as a sweet, caring, and fortunate wolverine raised in a poor family. He lived in a house in London, and had many caring friends. His life was perfectly nice until he made a decision that changed his life forever.

He soon made a loan with the bank to pay off high electric bills for his parents. Little did he know that he was running out of time to pay it back. He was losing his home to the bank, yet he finally managed to make enough money to pay it off, but he was too late. His time was up, and the bank owned his house. Something changed that day inside Looger. His anger grew, and he did something very wrong that he and his parents went into a life of crime. He took out his gun, pointed it at the clerk, and demanded him to take the money, and give him back his home. It worked, and his parents, thanking him for being so assertive, got their home back.

Mega Looger

Mega Looger

But the bank was disgusted at this foreclosure crisis that they began to lose popularity and they had to shut down and build a new bank. The owner of the old bank, for the loss of his bank, called to police to arrest Looger AND his parents for the foreclosure resistance. The cops went to the house, and searched for the family, but Looger secretly dug a hidden emergency tunnel so he and his parents could escape, and the police never found them.

After that, the new bank successfully gained the house that the old bank lost, and the old bank owner was promoted as a financier, and was made famous. But Looger, blaming that guy for the loss of their home, decided to murder him and make it look like an accident. He successfully managed to murder the financier by unscrewing a bridge that the financier was about to walk on, and he fell to his death.

It was impossible for anyone to notice that the death of that financier was on purpose. But one person, Basil of Baker Street, was capable of discovering this due to pieces of Looger's hair being found in the scene, which nobody had ever noticed. Basil was able to trace the DNA of the hair, and discover that Looger had murdered the financier and made it look like an accident. So, he sent the cops to search Looger's old house again, and once again found nothing.

Basil, not wanting to give up, went back to the house alone to scan for any clues. That was when Looger's emergency tunnel was finally discovered. Basil successfully caught Looger and his parents, and nearly succeeded to arrest them, but Looger defended his parents by grabbing Basil, and throwing him all the way back to Baker Street right after smacking his head with a shovel hard enough for him to forget about Looger's case.

As a result, nobody knew about Looger's escape, and therefore, he and his parents were never seen again. Looger and his parents decided to live in North America in an old unattended cabin in an Ohio forest. Looger and his parents began a life of crime, and knowing that no one knows where they live, and not bothering to look in the Ohio forests, they were never found. Looger loved his new life. He refused to pay parking tickets, he refused to let the police revoke his driver's license, he counterfieted, he murdered, and he SHOWED NO MERCY! However, when Officer Axle somehow finds out where Looger and his parents live, he tracks them down.

Looger and his parents were zapped unconscious, and sentenced to prison for immediate execution. Looger's parents were executed, but Looger managed to escape with the help of Darkness Qui. After learning about Looger's problem, Darkness Qui decided to cast a spell on him that would make him immune to electricity so Officer Axle would never touch him. Since then, Looger has return to almost be what would destroy Axle's career for good, unless louger intervention is accepted by said eel cop.

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