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Loona is a hellhound from the Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Hell. She is the adopted daughter for Blitzo and acts as the receptionist for I.M.P. Despite being Gothic and having little cares, being rude, despondent, disrespectful, and sometimes even violent, she does her job well. She is revealed to be the only one in I.M.P with a human disguise, and has some issues with Blitzo since she doesn’t count her adoption as special since she was almost 18 when it occurred. Regardless she does her best for I.M.P. She is voiced by Erica Lindbeck (Millie in Helluva Boss Pilot, Futaba Sakura in Persona 5, Emira Blight in The Owl House, and Kate in Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts)


Role in the series

Loona is given more of a three-dimensional character in the SAFA timeline, though not to say she more or less doesn't still retain her fan-favorite bitchiness, it's just given more light to it. In this version, Loona was adopted far earlier as her parents were killed by Exterminators, and Blitzo trained her to be a skilled assassin. But she felt like all this training was wasted when she was overshadowed by Moxxie and Millie, giving her a severe inferiority complex that entices her to do what she can to prove her worth to I.M.P., which also as a consequence made her view the married duo, especially Moxxie in feeling like he's the textbook example of a dork and a strange belief that he's fat (Though perhaps either this is designed to mess with his confidence or another part of her personal insecurities being projected onto him), added to the fact she finds his quickness to criticize Blitzo, even if she doesn't necessarily disagree with him, to be utterly disrespectful in feeling like Moxxie only sees an eccentric idiot and not more then just that as the imp that took her in, as rivals, though unlike the canon version she doesn't shy off from helping out time to time, if likely albeit it goes back to trying to prove her worth, and all the while her increased awareness of Blitzo's idiotic behaviors made her just as much concerned, if not also frustrated and annoyed, would risk getting dangerous attention of either the forces of heaven or those that would misuse the Goetia Grimoire, hence why she is quick to scrutinize the trio on their actions and is quick to call them out on their stupidity while intervening none the less while making a point come across. But after the events of Episode 3 in the SAFA timeline, a family argument with Blitzo drives her to make a deal with the most despised Overlord of Hell, Vultras, who rewrites events for her, but at a costly price. Having been infused with the soul of a fallen Xzar (Serious name Xodestrus the Unstoppable, unofficial name Stan) and a particularly powerful one, now she is permanently serving as the future Xzar-Hound, a dangerous soul-sucking monster and the only entity capable of killing 0-Braves like Star Butterfly and Luz Noceda. She also previously developed a brief relationship with Stolas’ daughter Octavia until having to break up because of business concerns and finding a new love interest, and gains more activity with I.M.P, even when the truth of her deal with Vultras is revealed, however, complications like I.M.P. nearly being discovered by heaven and Blitzo being forced to accept a previously rejected endorsementship with Raptorious Oilson, forced Loona and Octavia to only become more like friends due to the increased danger, though Loona's heart did got amended with the return of an old childhood friend from the hellhound puppy mill. Even the human disguise thing is different in that it's because of Human Disguise Pills rather then a natural ability in due to the abrupt nature of this ability's introduction to the series when the imp trio never displayed or mentioned this.