Lord Copperfang

"Bah Humbug."

Lord Jin Juan 'Copperfang' Ping Scrooge
is a viper from the Kung Fu Panda world who is a scroogy uncle of Viper. He and his two deceased friends, Alan and Drakey Weasley, were the owners of a toy company that made riches. The only problem was that Copperfang was the meanest businessman, especially around Christmas. His greed and unfair business regulations have left him to be extremely hated, even by his workers. When Alan and Drakey died, Copperfang took over their positions despite his workers demanding someone else take it. Copperfang hated Christmas because it was a time that halted his business, and several more, personal tragities. He is also a dark socceror capable to grant a curse that can make people as scroogy as he is. His hatred with chrismas and desires to ruin it would drove him to get involved with some Very questionable allies. Of course, if you know A Christmas Carol, you know what fate has in store for him.


Copperfang was born in China as the big brother of Grand Master Viper. He shunned Kung Fu, both thinking that it's dangerious to go vigiantie against dangerious criminals and warlords, and considered it a waste of his capabilities that he could make outside China. When he grew up, he gained the friendships of two weasel brothers named Alan and Drakey, and the three expressed their feelings about being the most successful businessmen in the UUniverses. But Copperfang's parents had forbidden him from leaving his home in fear that he will make a huge mistake. But once they discover too late that Copperfang already signed a contract that gave him his own toy company, they berated him and tried to force him to stay, but Copperfang defied them and berated them harshly, and brutaly beaten up Viper's father for trying to reason with him, even when Great Master Viper was always supportive of letting him have his own desteny, forcing him to swear on the name of Lord Fu-Xi that the Viper Clan is forever forbidden to interfear with his life again, emotionally hurting them in the progress. Cause of this, above Sing Jin Sue, Copperfang is considered nothing more then a tradition forsaking black sheep, with no one realising that his negitive opintions were caused by Su Su Ka Boom sneaking into his room when he was 6 and scareing him with the threat of death and the slaughter of Copperfang's family if he continues the legacy. Copperfang never told anyone of this, and cause of it, it made him look like a disobedient jerk, when he was really protacting his own family from the wrath of a genisidal snakeaphobic mongoose and was to afraid to admit it in fear of only worsen his problems with his family.

When he became 25, Copperfang was starting to feel like he needed someone who truly cared about him after how his family "disowned" him. Even a celebration at his toy company of their 5th Anniversary, and their highest money-making time in their history couldn't cheer him up because his family refused to show up at his 25th birthday party. But that might've changed when he met the owner of another toy company named Paige, a female viper, had started to earn his attention. As the months had passed, the two started to fall in love. Copperfang was sure that this would be the perfect way to forget his family's hate, and he knew that they would be meant for each other. But 4 years later, things changed in their relationship. Copperfang had been developing a lust for money, which he had gained upon his skills in business and economics. He eventually got the idea that, if he was to make his toy company the greatest in the UUniverses, he needed to have more labor, even if it meant cancelling holidays off. This growing greed left Copperfang to make the big mistake of foreclosing the mortgage on the cottage where his planned marriage with Paige would take place, breaking Paige's heart in the process, and destroying their relationship. When Paige replies with the cancelation of the marrage, this made Copperfang go right back to the times where he was pained by his family issues.

While his family mostly stood clear of Copperfang cause of the swore on Fu-Xi's name, Viper, who was just born 5 days after Paige and Copperfang met, still shared sympathy for Copperfang. While she knew most of what he did in the past, she still didn't hate him or at best avoided him for being a victim of a change of events, which was somewhat against the Viper Clan declariation. And this is odd considering Viper took family seriously, so it may be implied there may be more then Viper just being kindhearted. Copperfang kept his vow to make his toy company the best to that day, and for years, he had made things complicated for his employees. He even kept his tragedy with Paige a secret from even Viper to avoid being reminded of the time he severed family bonds. He grown to study chinese dark magic during his quiet times and became powerful from it. He and his two weasel friends did very well in this business, and they all did the same greedy things. It wasn't until a year later that the two weasel brothers died after treating a homeless poison-dart frog so cruel. Copperfang took their place, and refused to allow any of his employees take them instead. Though this caused 2 of them to quit, he found replacements, and his business continued for over 3 years.

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