Lord Crazo Cor Insomnia is a fictional Superior siatang published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He used to be a member of the Vice Enforcers, and his ideas were always ignored. But when the Vice Enforcers were taken down, he was happy that they learned their lesson of not listening to his ideas, and Insomnia would SURELY listen to him. Unfortunately, in Insomnia, it gets worse. Insanitor hired him as his right-hand man who, instead of ignoring his ideas, he down right steals them. He even steals the name 'Insomnia' which he came up with himself, and Insanitor took the credit. Insanitor took credit of all Crazo's ideas, and refuses to give him the credit. Angry after years of this, Crazo decides that he should be the one to lead Insomnia. He causes Kerrigan Flame to accidentally leak info to C.A.S.T.L.E to reverse his corruption drug, and once they cure Insanitor's corrupted cronies, Insanitor gets a heart attack and dies. Crazo is left in charge, and seems to do much better than his old master. He cybernetically-enhances the soldiers, created 10ft robots called Odysseys, spread Insomnia around Kratos in abandoned buildings, mines, caverns, mounds, even volcanoes, reformulated the corruption drug into an irreversible substance, and developing several projects for superweapons. Most of these weapons C.A.S.T.L.E and F.O.R.T.R.E.S.S were able to take down, and each move Crazo takes in conquering Kratos was foiled by them. But when S.T.R.O.N.G.H.O.L.D came along when they had just completed the final project, blood was spilled, and a remainder of Insomnia was left with Crazo the only leader left to control it. With most of Insomnia destroyed, Crazo began taking risks and upgrading whatever he could. Crazo is known to have a bad temper, especially since his ideas are denied or stolen. The anger makes him crazier, and for some reason, his powers' damage level increases when he's angry, which is a rare condition in Superior-kind called Maniodynamic disorder. He was rehabilitated into controlling his anger before he came into Insomnia, but he still has anger issues. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, heat-vision, a psychic shield, a neutronium skeleton, omnilingualism, and super-mentality.

  • MCode: AhHvOllPshSaSmSs


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