Lord Donatello

Lord Merton John Donatello

Lord Merton J. Donatello is an Alternate UUniversal Piscacon from Planet Urgnos, and an exsample of a tragity of being too quick to faver an extreme sacrivice to benifit others basing everything on nattroal selection, implying a sense of Darwinisum. He is a former ambassador of Urgnos until he was fired for the illegal and unauthorized posession of tritium, a weaponized substance capable of turning normal air into water, meant to be used for a super-weapon to quickly destroy the VA, where, at the time, it would come at the price of the Peerdonians cause, back then, he thought they were destined to extintion cause of the VA's fanactical control, and mainly meant to put them out of their misery like one would do to a sick and dying pet. As one expected, his controverseal views earned negative reception, and are part of why he was fired outside of illegal procession. He secretly joined the Villains Act in order to exact revenge, in light of abusive words and smears from many drove him to make the most Ironic choice of his life. He plans to use the very top-secret Urgnosian tritium nuke to try and flood every planet that stands against him. But outside of turning fanactic, it's also because he became a lost cause, cause of being overly punished of wanting to sacriviced a race, that after the VA fell, was mercaulessly recovered. The news break his soul apart, now being afraid of even more judgement on how he was wrong and that the race was indeed salvageable. Though he earned the aide of rouges and renigade outsiders, this in defination doesn't make him a true crime lord cause he's not breaking the law for the sake of profit like true crimelords but rather a larger goal, and the tag is only tecnecal because the methods barely match the standerds of crime synicates by a brief margin. He has yet to start his first move. He has a bat-like sea turtle assistant named Shellus, and has two cybernetic Junja Shark bodyguards.


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