Lord Dragaunus

Lord Dragaunus

Lord Dragaunus is the main villain from Mighty Ducks, a member of the Fang Empire, and is considered to be Bowser's little brother in the Pooh's adventures series.

The ultimate in evil, Lord Dragaunus is the last surviving member in a long line of Saurian Overlords. The empire of his ancestors used to be vast and galaxy-conquering, until they were defeated in the original invasion of Puckworld. His race was imprisoned in dimensional limbo, where to this day the rest of his war fleet waits to be freed, and to unleash destruction once again.

But on Earth, Dragaunus is stuck in his ship, the Raptor. Out of the rare bulerium crystal fuel that it needs to fly, the ship can only hobble from place to place on impulse power, hiding under the guise of a cloaking device. However, by no means is Dragaunus weakened by any of this. He has three strong henchmen at his disposal, as well as an unending army of robotic hunter drones. Intelligent and brooding, Dragaunus himself is the strongest fighter the Ducks have ever faced, capable of breathing fire, and shooting concussion-inflicting energy blasts from his hands. He wears thick body armor and carries a built-in laser on his wrist. With his incredible strength, he is nearly invincible in hand-to-hand combat. Like all of his henchmen, Dragaunus has the ability to teleport from place to place. He also uses a cloaking device to conceal himself, which can only be seen through by the Mask. The powerful Overlord has an intense hatred for the Ducks, and will stop at nothing to destroy them, and the Earth.

Role in the series

Dragaunus has not yet appeared in the Spongebob series, and is currently a no-show character. But he is considered to appear. while Scroopfan is aware of him, he's currently unsure if Dragaunus is copyrighted or not. Chernobog1595 replies that he is not.

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