Lord Dragoon

Lord Dinyin Saakk Dragoon

Lord Dinyin S. Dragoon is an Alternate UUniversal Dragodon from the destroyed planet of Mar'izzi. He is the Emperor of his race who accidentally and irresponsibly destroyed his own home planet by using an experimental anti-global warming device that ended up backfiring badly. Now, having the last remaining members of his race live in a travelling squadron of 15 star cruisers, it is his responsibility to find a new home. He is riddled with massive regret, and in his guilt and anger, will stop at nothing to find a new home for his race, and won't hesitate to kill any who interfere. His people have a strong sense of superiority, tending to view Non-Dragodons as "lessers" or even as animals (Hence why most illegal sentient pet-trades are often by Dragodons), resulting in bad habits of placing them in zoos and pet stores because of being overly intelligent with no sense of humility. Dragoon's blade hand was a result of an unrelated insodent involving space pirates. When his mind is made up, there's hardly a good chance of changing his mind... Dragodon's are also nortouriously stubbern. So, if the Dragondons ever come to the Original Universe, and that their Emperor is an unreasonable, regretful mess, we're looking at a mess waiting to happen.


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