Lord Selther C. Falltower is an Alternate UUniversal Ethercon from Planet Coclite. He is a telepathic mollusk being who has come to hate technology and become a technophobe since his entire home was destroyed by a scientific accident, and he has come to be adopted by the technophobic Hydrans. He has since grown up to be a technophobic terrorist out to destroy technology itself and make the AUU adopt the ways of his foster planet. Though he is utterly bitter that he had to get someone like Tochein to give him technological power to pull it off, as he hates having to use what he's against, but is told to accept it as he can't do his work with the power he had before as technology is 'easy to take him down, and the devil's craft does well against the devil's work'. Regardless, he accepts as long as he gets rid of it afterward, and he will utterly destroy any faulty technology this guy possesses, or any of which he finds not useful, and he abuses Tochein because of the fact that he brought him this power and for the fact that it makes him look like a hypocrite. Though he is unaware that, while he wants to get rid of technology, Tochein is seeking to betray him, take all his power, and use technology to conquer the AUU. But both will be defeated in time when ICC Exelbrok initiates Operation: Darkworld and is withheld by Icky and Iago in a wacky adventure.


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