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Lord Gothaxort

Lord Gothaxort is an Alternate UUniversal Centarra from Planet Chronicus. He is a dark and extremely-powerful tyrant who lives in the farthest territories from the Castle of Chronicles and is known for being Chronicus' Worst Enemy #1 for being around for thousands of years, slaughtering billions of people during his reign, and for his unholy abilities that are a challenge to even the Fantasy Council. He has tried for years to wipe out the Council, and his power is a match for even them. His black heart easily matches the pure heart of Princess Shiri, and she has been the best one to stand up to him and win every time. His tyrannical rule and iron-fist makes him a force to be reckoned with. He occasionally teams with other Chronicusian villains if it means his own benefit. He has an army of other Centarras that are almost as powerful as him and can come in thousands. He is basically a combination of Xehanort and Tirek.


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Gothaxort is known for being the most feared and powerful villain on Chronicus, and the main antagonist of Hearts of Pure Prosperity. His powers are a match for even the Princesses. His abilities include super strength, incredible durability that almost matches invincibility, he can frighten people with a menacing demonic-like roar, he can resist many forms of mental attacks through a series of psychic blocks, and he has an extensive knowledge of dark magic. His magic spells often include magic shields, energy beams, the ability to render people immobile, the ability to manipulate the elements, jump vast distances, and many others.

Though his primary weapon is magic, he does keep a special paraphernalia of weapons. He wields a dark sword that used to be a stolen magic sword from the Princesses' royal guard made durable and strong to channel magic through and slice through anything with ease. He also wears a powerful suit of armor that adds to his durability. Though he's actually heard of them, and knows how powerful they can be, he rarely wields a firearm and has proven to resist them no matter how powerful they are, catching any kind of projectile and rebounding it. Though despite his sword, he can also wield any other kind of melee weapon with total ease, channeling his power through them the same way.