Lord Inachitin-Boe

Lord Inachitin-Boe Ithatimus Reborn

Lord Inachitin-Boe Ithatimus was a Tranquility Zone Quygan from Planet Quirth. He was infamous for being a warlord against his own race that caused some serious trouble through trickery and master planning until he was exiled to the penal colony of Ubelune, where he would grow old and be too weak to plan revenge. Then he later became the prime leader against the entire Tranquility Zone years later during the Zurkulite Wars of the Dark Ages of humanity and Quygans. By manipulating Commodore Arnstone and Zurkulite designer Doctor Zorijiski into granting him full access to the Zurkulite Project, he was able to key-command them into protecting humanity and their allies through giving them more, and that meant a forced invasion to give them all the upgrades to make them protect themselves. He even got himself a 10ft cybernetic body which allowed him to protect himself after he was getting weaker with age. As a result, he and the Zurkulites began an invasion, attacked and destroyed the Quygan Command Tower and almost murdered the Quygan President, President Zollocer-Brile, causing the Quygans to label the humans as traitors and banishing them from their planets. For several years, the successful Inac opposed most of the sentient beings across the AUU until the humans won back the trust of the Quygans through understanding their prophecy, and they worked together to defeat Inac, and execute him. Though his essence was still remaining, and he was able to possess Commodore Arnstone's son, Genloid Arnstone, into embracing his influence thanks to the humans unfairly judging his family, and lead to him becoming The Dark Human. He still plots revenge to this very day.


Lord Inachitin-Boe 2

Lord Inachitin-Boe as an exiled hermit

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In his reborn cybernetic body, Inac has increased physical strength, durability, speed, reflexes, and stamina. His robotic body is based off an old Zurkulite design, and it proves to be a successful weapon. It is made out of a durable titanium alloy which is tough to damage, he has rockets on the back of his legs which are useful for gliding vast distances, his eyes are implanted with enhanced vision which allows him to see in better vision and see in X-ray vision so nobody can hide from him.

His primary weapons are the two blasters on the palms of his hands. These blasters are incredibly-powerful atomic disintegrators that can liquidate anything they strike, including metal and living tissue. They can also be charged for a powerful blast, though he is smart enough to be safe with these blasters so they don't overheat and take his arms off. These blasters can also be set to atomic flames that are hotter than the sun for arson devastation, explosive balls for increased disintegration blasts, rapid-fire for increased an efficient blasts, and even a focus beam for concentrated accuracy. Other weapons include a flame-colored energy sword that can be cast from his right arm, useful for reflecting gunfire and melee combat.

His cybernetic suit also pumps him with augmentation and healing serums that are fueled by adrenaline and can instantly increase his combat and heal his inner organs quickly. The suit also comes with nanobots that can automatically repair any damages done to the robotic suit. He also uses the suit to command his Zurkulites and any other war machines to do what he wants.

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