Lord Killopan

Lord Killopan

Lord Kilopann Adaptera Genocide
is a superior Goliath beetle and feared warlord of Kratos. He is known to have caused the Kratosian Civil War, and had originally died of an unknown cause. But his fate changed when Corbin Paradox alters time in order to save his parents and girlfriend, he defeats him, ending the war at an early time. Corbin assumed he killed Kilopann by crushing him with a boulder, but due to Kilopann having the ability of reactive adaptation, he didn't die that easily, but he wasn't exactly able to come back right away due to the extent of his injuries and was forced to live in indignity that he actselly died that easily. It fueled his desire for revenege and knew the boulder was NOT a freak accsident and aims to get even with his "assassin" one way or another. Kilopann's powers include omilingualism, psychometry, and reactive adaptation.
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Kilopann was born in Prometheon during Grotch's rule. Even during his age, Kilopann showed good talent in reactive adaptation like his family. He has become capable of surviving almost anything including the empty airless vacumn of space. He was so good at this, he became a scientist specializing in reactive adaptations. For years he has been searching for a way to create a substance that would make anyone immune to anything, including space. But each time, he failed.

Then he discovered a creature that had the ability to resist radiation, heat, cold, and space like him: the microscopic Tardigrade. He started to become fascinated by these creatures, and used them in most of his experiments. And after 50 years of studying the tardigrades, he had finally created a serum that would make anyone immune to any harsh condition. However, it had a catch: it would turn the person into a tardigrade mutant in about 12 days. Kilopann worked longer to fix this problem, but after 15 years, he tried another test. The second one worked, but it turned the person into an actual tardigrade in 24 days (he was able to find this out because even for the patient's size, he still had his superpowers). Kilopann continued his work year after year, and all his tests failed.

But then one day, Kilopann had an idea. He decided to inject a tardigrade with quantonium, and use it's DNA to upgrade the serum. This may've made the tardigrade the size of an ant, but the serum succesfully had no side effects. But throughout the years of his work, Kilopann became so mad and greedy, he refused to announce his new serum to Kratos. He kept it hidden for 50 years until the Big Shake destroyed his lab. Kilopann was able to survive, and preserve not just his serum, but a lifetime supply of food, water, quantonium, and other resources. He decided to keep all the resources himself, but he then came up with this crazy idea. He would use these resources to rule Kratos by tricking the superiors into doing his needs, and in return, he would introduce his reactive adaptation serum and it's formula to the people.

As a result, he started the Kratosian Civil War, and caused a million lives to be lost, but was eventually defeated by Grotch, being killed by an unknown cause.

Alternate Fate

However, Kilopann's death was ceased when Corbin Paradox went back in time in order to not only save his parents and girlfriend, but stop Kilopann's reign early in order to make sure he would fake his death again. Without visual contact, Corbin was able to make his past self stop Kilopann, and kill him by crushing him with a giant boulder. Then after making his past-self fake his own death, Corbin returned to his time period to start a new life. But Kilopann didn't really die because of having reactive adaptation keep him from dying. He resisted the boulder's impact, and was still alive. From that moment, Kilopann seeked revenge on Corbin by studying his history. He was able to find out that he altered time, and now intends to use this to his advantage, and use his serum to once again rule Kratos.


Kilopann is a master of survival, having the incredible ability of reactive adaptation, making him almost invincible. With this ability, he can breathe underwater, become immune to fire, poisons, radiation, dehydration, and below zero temperatures. He is also capable of regeneration, surviving the vacumn of space, and others. Kilopann is also able to identify a person or object's information, past, and future by touch called psychometry. He is also capable of being fluent to an infinite number of languages by touch as well called omilingualism.

In this timeline, his only weakness is unknown. Before it was altered, Grotch was able to defeat and execute him with the knowledge that his only weakness was none other than a quantonium-based pesticide called Ecaflix, which was created with the combination of quantonium and carbonated water, which produced a chemical reaction that would be rather putrid and rarely deadly to certain Superiors. However, when Corbin changed the timeline, because everyone including Grotch thought he was dead for good, Ecaflix was never discovered, and has never been created. Kilopann makes it a top priority to ensure that nobody discovers this, destroying the formulas needed for Ecaflix and ruining the crediabiltes of the only superiors capable of making more by framing them for crimes, including murder of the sciencetists' least likeable fellow employies, only to then have them exicuted, killed by his own hand while carefully protecting his identity and avoid leaving evidences of his involvment, or even malmitulate them to commit sueiside to further make this removeal periment. He is now the only one left who knows this weakness. And to make sure he won't accsidently or unknowingly exposed it, he erased the memories he had of the formula's recipe to destroy it's excisence forever. He only remembers the weakness itself but not how to make it. And luckly, because Ecaflix never existed in this timeline, even if he were reference it even once, not even Algor would have any idea what the hell he's talking about and would shrug it off as simply him being a nut.

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