Lord Millipede

Lord Millipede (True Form)

Lord Millipede, real name unknown and undercover name Sir Millimer Tort Venenbach Trot DeSpell XV, is a millipede creature from an unknown dimension. He is an unknown, mysterious, and androgynous figure who is considerably one of the oddest ancient and powerful forces in the multiverse which was actually raised in the guise of a Fleeming on Pharagu in the Alternate UUniverses. Almost everything about Millipede is a mystery, even the gender is a continuous debate in due of the mascara and lipstick yet has a deep voice, often spawning many popular theories that Millipede is actually asexual, meaning to Millapede, having a gender is like a 'suit of the week' for Millipede to decide on. But it is common for him to be mostly a male, though it doesn't stop his followers to refer him as a 'female' for certain and obvious reasons, though it doesn't mean they're technically wrong, they're just not exactly right most of the time. He possesses unfathomable knowledge of alternate dimensions even far beyond the ones we currently know about. He even claims he picked the name 'Millipede' as a name because of a similar creature to his race from the very original UUniverses the Lodgers are from. Lord Millapede once tried to use his unigmaginable knowledge to place himself as "God of all universes" to make himself rule all the AUU undisputed and unquestioned. He even went out of his way to learn all forms of magic of the AUU, the Original, and beyond, even magic that is difficult to learn like the magic of gods, demons, chaos magic, even Eqinox Magic, tecnecally making him an Alternate Universe Eqinox Master. He knew well all those magic, espeically with includion of illegal and dark magic, will cause him to have a dangerious power overlord that could kill him. So he created a jeweled staff called "The Millapede Jeweled Staff of all the universes" to keep all of the magic he learned from all of the universes to balence his power. Cause of learning more then one magic, it mutanted him to have unusual colors and altered his original appearence to what he is today. It didn't really bothered him at all. In fact, he delighted in what power and knowledge like this can do to a person. He asentually became an "Artifictal God", with Immortality as another side effect that he clearly didn't object to as well, and cause of these powers, he quickly earned the awe and worship of all the AUU universeals, and many wanted to learn from him, even if it meant becoming an eturnal servent, which unfortunately, Millapede lacked the humbleness to turn down. But United Sentient Races Alliance, while they find his feets admirable, are worried about many concerns Millapede would bring. They worried that he would be a magnit to attract fanactics and terrorists to use his knowledge to recruit such fanctics and terrorists from other universes to grow stronger, Tyrants, Despots, Dictators and other very questionable leaders want to take advantage of his powers and knowledge for their own gains and selfish ends, and the biggest fear, is that all that power will corrupt, espeically since he learned dark and forbidden magic and that he had no objections of having people to cater for him, fearing that he's already on the path of being evil, and possability become the most dnagerious forces of not just the AUU, but all universes. Begrudingly, the USRA were forced to warn the public against Millapede that he may soon become a danger in someway and that his knowledge would unintentionally become a threat to universeal sercurity. Eventally, the propaganda worked, and the public began avoiding Millapede. Even most of his most devoted openly deserted and forsakened Millapede. Millipede was understandingly upset that he was forsakened by the people thanks to "A gang of short-sighted fools", and soughted to force loyalty through threats and intimidation, but the USRA was already a step-ahead and captured him and any remaining loyalist. He was forever imprisoned in his own home planet of Pharagu as punishment and to insure Universeal safety of their universes and beyond. But as we know, things like this, never stay imprisoned forever. Thanks to having learnt Chaos Magic, he has the personality of Discord, and like him, he has ALOT of issues against "mortal" socity and has take pleasure in being very chaotic as a result. He surrounds himself with Fly-Like Creatures of his own creation called Famegafairies, though he made it that they mostly resemble Famegaflys of the AUU but often with radically different features that serve as his servents and even army, the closest Millipede has to loyal followers anymore.




Lord Millipede 2

Lord Millipede as Sir Millimer

After being fostered in the Alternate UUniverses, Millipede has the bodily shape of a Fleeming. But his true species reveals that underneath his hundreds of socks are additional hands, all capable of wielding magic. He can fly with his magical nature, and he can burrow through anything. Though because his infinite knowledge of magic could be fatal for his body that was too assimilated from his home dimension of mostly a mana composition, he created his trademark Millipede Jewel Staff of All The Universes, which he could actually merge into his body at will to create a gargantuan form called the Manapede which was only for a limited time as it requires mana for fuel.

He travels publicly under a magical guise of a Fleeming named 'Sir Millimer DeSpell XV', an omnic baron of many activities, hobbies, and ambitions, and claims he represents his foster homeworld in many ways, and his staff is disguised as a walking stick.

His Famegafairies are creatures that are born from magical glowing eggs that incubate extremely quickly and provide plenty of assistance and being a quarter as powerful as him.

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  • "I am Lord Millipede, I am AMAZING, I command you to gaze upon my face!"
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