Cadogan Z. Trønos, AKA Lord Nowhere, is a fictional Superior gerbil published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is portrayed as the dystopian ruler of the Tron-like virtual world of the Kratosian VBox 9000 console who rules over the virtually-created people called 'Prograxes', and even governs the many role-playing, multiplaying, or solo-playing players of this virtual world, only to be secretly bringing them awards which he tries to use to take over Kratos. Years ago, he was a griefer who constantly took pleasure in annoying the players of a game so much, he made the game unpopular enough to be taken down. For this crime, the Kratosian FBI arrests him and he is put on probation from such games forever. Angered, he ran off into a VBox 9000 where he decided to live for the rest of his life. In his rule, Lord Nowhere has made entire armies with his pixellization powers he developed with his superpowers, and he was named an 'all-knowledgeable being' who took over the virtual world, and he promised the Prograxes they would spread to the real world, which he calls 'Third Dimension', and takes into account their beliefs to try and use pixellization devices leaked to Kratos to pixellize Kratos into his own kingdom. This isn't until The Stand-Lone Kidz are ordered by Grotch Prometheus to fix this problem after they proved they were excellent gamers. They discover Lord Nowhere's secret plan, and is able to find out that the Prograxes considered griefers demons, and they told them, causing them to exile him back to the real world where he was arrested and thrown in jail. Despite his size, Lord Nowhere is a hapkido expert who has killed people in both VR and (so it is claimed) reality. His small size ensures that he is impossible to grab, and his virtual control over his world ensures he can manipulate his own body 100%. He is the 3rd, but strangely less controversial of the new 'darker' villains because it may have been 'implied' he killed people in reality, but it has been later revealed that he was lying to make people afraid of him. He's really a cowardly super-game nerd who hates violence, and despite the fact that he sees blood in games all the time, he knows it's not real, so he's used to the graphics. He is the only villain in the Stand-Lone Kidz series that the Challenger Children don't face. His Superior powers in reality is super-strength, super-flight, and light manipulation.

  • MCode: LmSfSs


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