Lord Oector C. Volvich is an Alternate UUniversal Kraetan from Planet Norath. He is an artificially-enhanced warlord who, just like General Trague, was planning to do his own invasion against the Ohrugans because of how they treated his family when they were trying to be friends with them. Though the blame was supposed to be on the Ohrugans who treated them badly, being racist against them, and even nearly taking his mother's life and reducing her into having her heart replaced. Ever since, Oector has hated the Ohrugans and grew up swearing revenge. He built an army of Kraetans who equally despised the Ohrugans and will soon plan an invasion against them. He is a very powerful warlord who got augmented with two smart-eyes, several implants, a multi-setting arm cannon, rocket boots, a strong suit of armor, and an intimidating appearance.


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