Mizigard. A temperate planet that has colorful prehistoric wildlife including flora, dinosaurs, large insects, wetlands, primitive birds, large rock and lava formations, and primitive villages and kingdoms. This world is noted for being in a Teadr 7 society populated entirely by mythical beings who have their own languages. These beings include the Elvuus (elf-like beings), which are much taller on this world, Oarfs (dwarf-like brings), which are short yet dangerous, Toshans (mythical human-like beings) that are very resourceful and adaptable, Qobbits (indigenous short human-like beings) that are the most widespread and most adaptable of all the Mizigardian races, Unts (ent-like beings) which are the guardians of life and watch over it through the bioluminescent nocturnal spirits called Isps which normally light up the night, Iblics (goblin/alien-like beings) who are hostile, subterranean, and kill for their failure at understanding and despising outside customs, Arckles (orc/alien-like beings) which are one of the many hostile warlike beings and most feared, and the Driymods (mythical spirit-based humanoids), which have the sole duty of bringing either peace and chaos to Mizigard depending upon their heritage, appearing as wizards (called Isgards in Mizigardian terms). These many races are joined by other mythical creatures such as Dracthons (dragon-like mythical creatures that can breathe plasma), Aglopods (mythical sauropods used for carrying mobile outposts with 6 large tusks and hairs), Shariqix (goblin-like color-changing beasts), Cyclons (Cyclops-like beings), Tryclons (Three-eyed Cyclops-like beings), Jlargs (troll/alien-like unsentient beings), and the infamous Largalics (horned unsentient beings that travel in uncharted worlds and kill gruesomely). These beings live in a world similar to Middle-Earth, as a world ravaged by conflict against evil and thwarted by the forces of good. The beings often have a racial tension as they feel superior over the other, and end up in intense rivalries when fighting. They have developed guns, but they are crossbow-based and based around uncovered technology. Their most infamous magical creations are the Vests of power, which bestow untold power beyond people, and are of evil origin, and could easily corrupt people when used for too long. These vests are how the evils actually control and taint people until they are stuck this way permanently, leaving them to forever be under the servitude of evil. There are a maximum of 57 Vests of Power on this planet. But there's the once, a vest that rules over all of them. A vest created by a dark overlord of magilo origin, named Lord Sour-On, who rules the land of Mur-Der, and the native Arckles and other dark creatures that fallen to his servitude. A united front of the other races stood up to this would-be opresser, and after an epic fight, the then-king of the time, slayed Sour-On through decapitation, and claimed the One Vest. However, he foolishly fell victim to it's temptation and ended up eventually killed by an ambush party of Sour-On loyalists, which the ring ended falling into the procession of a tainted frogman named Croakum. Who eventually had ended up having the vest stolen from him by Darbo Biggins, a qobbit, which helped him on his prior journey to help a gang og Oarfs regain their land from a corrupt Dracthon. Years later, his grandson, Dimbo Biggins gets thrown into an adventure with Grino the Grey and a talented collection of fighters with some of his qobbit friends to return the Vest to the fires of Mur-Der of whence it came, of which are joined by the HA and the Shell Louge Squad by sheer luck because a wanted VA Benufactor is serving the forces of Mur-Der. Now, our heroes must survice an AUU reimagining of the famous Lord of the Rings adventures as they avoid the likes of the Vest-Lichs, cursed spirits of kings who fell into Sour-On's service, the army of Mur-Der's Arckles, corrupted Toshens of the south and east, of which has giant elephant monstorsities, a giant Balrog-eqsed monster, a corrupt wizard named Saw-You-Dong, A spider beast, and who knows what else lurks in this world, and worse of all, The Head of Sour-On, a giant firy skull that watches over the land of Mur-Der, waiting for the return of the One Vest. Can they save the world from the return Sour-On and end his horrorable legacy for good?

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