Lord Rareington

Lord Rhode Lars Rareington

Lord Rhode L. Rareington is a Guam rail who works as a caretaker of rare and endangered animals, and a collector of them. Since his species is known to be extinct in the wild, he was raised in a breeding program and was introduced into Cocos Island in 2010 at age 19, and grew up without a fear of snakes, which is considerably a problem since snakes were basically responsible for nearly wiping out his species. He's infamous of having a misguided, well-meaning, and almost noble mission of taking endangered and rare species, unsentient, sapient, or sentient, to his private mansion in an uncharted private island somewhere in Santa Rita, Guam. He even goes as far as trying to abduct animals from the Alternate UUniverses to put in his own petting zoo. But he couldn't do it since it was made illegal by the Grand Council. But it isn't long until he tries to break the law, and do it with the help of his two assistants, two Alagoas Currasows named Scrape and Tar, who shared the same problems he faced, only they are willing to protect him from any that threatens him and his misguided wishes with their skills of Judo, Sambo, and Taekwondo.


Rareington was born in captivity with a family of serious snakeaphobes. Though considering when your a member of a suffering speices, that tends to happen. While his parents were trying to tell him that snakes aren't friendly creatures, Rareington has no exact fear of them because he has a mental disorder where he became as fearless as a dodo, with no possible fear of any predator threat whatsoever, snake or not. Now, this wouldn't be bad cause that means he's incapable to be a xenophobe, but in the Rail world, he's useless for the benifit of a troubled spieces. Because of this, everyone else in the breeding program mocked him, and kept telling him that behavior like that could definitely get a species extinct. Nothing could be done to fix his psychological disorder, and his parents were afraid that if he were one of the many rails to be released out in the wild, he would be killed in a millisecond. The caretakers gave him a simulation of the dangers of snakes, but due to his disorder, he didn't care. So, they had no choice but to keep him in the program for life for his own safety. He was soon sent to a captivity program in Cocos Island on November 2010 on the exact time 16 other Guam rails, including his 2 brothers, were released in the wild. But at age 20, he became interested in preserving and conservation. He learned that many species of animals, even snakes, were in trouble because of climate change, Reckless Defeliment, illegal hunting, and even from other invasive species.

Though all this didn't help his disorder, it inspired Rareington to want to help these creatures, and he joined as an intern for the Wildlife Federation. He got involved in helping to protect many creatures, even snakes. One day, he found himself falling in love with Mona Boa named 'Hissetta' who's species is endangered. Thanks to Rareington's prior years of study, he learned how to earn Hissetta's trust since she was a sentient wild snake. The two spent some time together, and Rareington admitted his mental disorder of being fearless and lack of an ability to be afraid due to a mental illness that he still has no idea what it is. Hissetta then revealed that poachers had turned her family into snake-skin boots for a black market. Rareington promised nothing will ever come to her, but this promise goes so far that he actually kills the poacher that killed her family, Mr. Groaner, who had attempted to break in the area to finish what he started on Hissetta's family. But this actually got him fired and put on trial for murder. Hissetta was taken to a new Boa-Protection Area and was never revealed where to discourage future poacher attacks. Surprisingly, Rareington won the trial by saying that the poacher was trying to commit a murder himself, trying to kill Hissetta and him, yet couldn't avoid a 1-year stay in jail because he still committed a murder which couldn't go unpunished.

After being released, Rareington eventually won a $1 million lottery and became a wealthy bird. His money earned him his only friends, Scrape and Tar, two troubled martial-artist Alagoas Currasow twins with a unfortunate past, with their species also being extinct in the wild, and admired his wishes to help endangered species and feel for his tragedy of having to kill to save a life and still be punished for it. They faced a similar dilemma when, in order to save a beautiful princess, they were forced to end the life of a clearly-evil warlord, which was a violation of an 'all life is precious' law. Rareington became a collector, and with Scrape and Tar, was able to gain the most exdensive collection of rare and endangered animals, and having learned well from the Wildlife Federation, both Rareington and his Currasow friends took very decent and great care of them. Trouble is, they don't just deal with unsentient species. They had been known to abduct sentient versions of endangered species, and subjugate them in a Stockholm Syndrome-like condition that they become hopelessly-dependent on Rareington. Rareington is not at all proud of doing these actions, knowing well of serious legal repercussions, but he believes they are for a greater cause of preservation.

Then, he learned in the news that there was an Alternate UUniverses that was discovered. He also learned that they have endangered animals as well, some in a worse state than others. Rareington has since proceeded to learn, study, and of course contain these new animals into his zoo collection, non-sentient or not, giving them the same treatments as the creatures of the Original UUniverses. This got him sued by the AUU Grand Council since they had declared that selling AUU pets to the Original UUniverses was illegal since they had little knowledge of them, especially when they are sentient. He was put on a restraining order that prevented him from ever setting foot in the AUU under the penalty of 5 years of jailtime. Legal trouble from both UUniverses became a part of life for Rareington, and soon, it would only proceed to get rougher for him.


"Oh, people are so judgmental of what I am trying to do for every troubled species."

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