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Lord Royal Highness

Lord Royal Highness
is the leader of the lost city of Atlantis. He appears in the episode Atlantis SquarePantis, as Atlantis' ruler that greeted SpongeBob and the crew. He is usually happy about being the ruler, and has a positive attitude, until SpongeBob and Patrick pop the world's oldest bubble. This infuriates him and he orders the Atlanteans to seize them. He also appears clumsy, because he fell down the stairs to the royal palace. He has had visitors before because he says that people dont usually stay with the tour that long (as long as SpongeBob and Patrick did). When he finds Plankton or as he would call "A Talking Spec", as a replacement for the Bubble, he is no longer angry. He is voiced by famous British vocalist and musician David Bowie.


his skin is blue and his brain is clearly visible as for his lips they are large and red his nose is similar to spongebobs his hair is orange.


  • His eyes, green and blue, are the same as David Bowie.

Role in the Series

The Lord Royal Highness reprises his role from the episode into the Disney crossover, where it is revealed that his Atlantians and King Kashekim's Atlantians are two completely different species, but yet still cooperate with each other, as the two kings serve as co-rulers of the kingdom. While the Lord Royal Highness' Atlantians have gotten better in life due to their capability to keep the language and culture alive, the human-like Atlantians, on the other hand, have gotten progressively worse in their culture, forgetting how to read and do cultural stuff. The great inactieitcy between the episode of the real show and Spongebob and Friends find atlantis is that Lord Royal Highness can't seem to remember Spongebob and his crew from the real episode, which is likely that the Character's arc was resetted from what accured in canon so the two different plots don't bump into eachother, which included the axing of the episode's original plot in faver of making the villains the one the heroes and atlantians gun for.

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