Lord Shelluon

Lord Kelvin Greg Shelluon

Lord Kelvin G. Shelluon is from an alien race known as Slimeballians from the Planet Slimeball, who was responsible for Lord Shen's negative opinions about snails. But he is remorseful of his own actions, and when the Lodgers make a mistake about bringing Shen all the way to Slimeball to help him with it, they wind up getting arrested, and he and Shen fool them into their senses, and become instant friends. He has a brother named Slimler, who has been trying to get the UUniverse to see snails as official citizens who deserve rights. Although, at least Slimer is still ethicaly sane, very unlike his uncle Slimekur. He sits inside a hovering scooter-throne which has a handle that also serves as an AI defense laser, which can also activate 2 other blaster cannons when the handle is used.


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