Lord Shiver Chill is an Equestrian reindeer from the land of Rangifia, the Cervian polar homeland of reindeer and caribou. Being of the non-magical reindeer that did not inherit Equestrian magic like the holiday famous Hearth Reindeer, and actually despises how Hearth's Warming and Christmas alike is treated with commercialism with barely any true respect to the original meaning of both holidays that he aims to upright get rid of both holidays so they are not mistreated anymore and would only reverse it if they are treated with respect again, with the threat that failure to do so will allow the Windigoes to take over, including the very bitter and tainted Gale. He is a long-living reindeer kept alive with stolen impure Equestrian magic hailing from the time of the Second Windigo Ice Age in which the Windigos stay away from their territory through the hate of the ponies and following the founding of Equestria, they came back and drove his people out of their land while some would remain and learn to treat each other warmly, and become the pure reindeer of today, while true reindeer would grow to forget good will towards other races and become partial wrecks, with Shiver as the head of resources, being so bitter by the suffering that he resorted to stealing from their pure relatives, but they eventually learned to be better. However, he eventually grew bitter as a hermit that watched the spirit of the holidays be lost to commercialism and greed. Thus he swore to awaken the spirit that saved his people. However, that same desire to bring back the spirit ended up making become corrupted by his people's most feared foe, Hatred Spirits, shape-swifting wisps that take the form of their seers greatest and/or most recent foe. As such, his physical body morthed into a terrorfying UN-CHRISTMASY appearence, barely resembling a zombie verson of the Nightmare Before Christmas Skeleton Reindeer. He now resembles a frost-bitten zombie suffering from the enfluence of the hatred spirits, basicly becoming DBZ Abridged Santa Claus in personally, and allowed him to sway Gale into his side to make Equestria respect the spirit of christmas and Hearth's Warming by forcing a reminder why the holidays exist in Equestria, via causing a Windego Ice Age.

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