Lord Trax

Lord Elgen Wahon Trax

Lord Elgen W. Trax is an Alternate UUniversal Helioron from Planet Oslapus. He was formerly the leader of a Villains Act-appointed terrorist group that invaded several worlds with his superior technology, powerful soldiers and spies. However, a failed attack against a powerful protection force and being considered 'a total disgrace in the name of the Villains Act', lead to Trax doing his own invasions years later without permission from Darkness Qui, which is technically an act of 'Yarging out', when it was an ill-conceived attempt to prove he is worth the Villains Act's praise. This eventually lead to his demise in the hands of Fu So Blu. His success came from his homeworld's advanced technology, and he has invaded and conquered several worlds for the Villains Act, and upon his death, his worlds were then owned by the Villains Act. He was also very knowledgeable in Recexian magic spells that allowed him to use technology without technology, and place curses on those who crossed him. Though he briefly gets roped into the schemes of OUU Mothron villain Mothlock under the name Captain Creeps until he was defeated and captured, and later claimed by Dr. Glowrod.


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