Lord Vallous

Lord Gergun Nalvot Vallous

Lord Gergun N. Vallous is an Alternate UUniversal Borfin from Planet Frisney. He is the President of Volkor which is a city that was perfecting cosmetics and life-extension technologies. He has been searching for a way to make the ultimate way to lengthen lifespans and grant better looks rapidly, but throughout most of his life, he was never able to do it. His constant cosmetic surgeries have left him to have a mummified appearance, thus he has to hide his ugly face so people couldn't laugh at him, or be disgusted. His people have even suffered the same thing since he advertised the technologies too much. He eventually tried to find other sources of expanded life. When he does find that there is a substance on Planet Ferus that might grant his wish, he takes over the planet with help from the Villains Act to start mining for the substance. But what he didn't realize was that this substance was what kept this magical planet stable, and without it, the entire planet could be destroyed, along with his subjects and forces on it. In fact, he was never able to learn this despite everyone trying to warn him. The Feds were eventually called in to stop him, but despite trying to fight back, Vallous eventually dies of his body's intense medical conditions, and his entire community went with him. Some of his subjects survived the extinction of Vallous' community, but they weren't able to live up to the fall of the Villains Act. This guy and the community would look to be dead for good, unless reality suddenly desided to alter itself.


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