Lord Xandronian

Lord Xandronian Gonse Osolinski

Lord Xandronian G. Osolinski, anonymous name Secret Founder X, is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Carbungia. He is the ruler of the Xandy's people, one time adviser before a Meta attack killed off the previous rulers, and one of the many villains that founded the Villains Act. He is secretly allied with an evil Metavincemander named Jling Sling. Xandronian rigged a prank caused by Xerxes XX's parents into causing damage to his hometown in an attempt to trick them into attacking Jling's people, under Jling's secret approveal in a complicated plan to put the united universe under extreme control, as well as turning Xerxes into a scapegoat for crimes against sea squirls to work in Xan's favor to one day make the sea squirls into sadly tragic people tormented by the "Cruel Metas". The plan worked completely, but at the price that Xerxes has become too dangerious for Jling to control when Xerxes threaten to destroy all of the sea squirls, even Xandronian. The other founders of the villain's act with Xan made a vow that they are to be anonimus and obscured, not only cause of Jling's fragle reputation, but because on how Xerxes will be out of their control if he was made aware of the sins of the royal adviser and the ruler of sea squirls. So, they need someone to act as a more publicfigure to make Xerxes, as well as everyone else believe that it was someone else who made the Villain's act happen. By obscuring themselfs as "The Villain Act's Secret Founders", their alas for the mysterious founders of the villains act, had Xerxes not only become a huge benufactor for the villains act in return for revenge, but to also go to our united universe to kidnap Quidilian, Cynder's mother, who will eventally be renamed Darkness Qui, and have her prievious life removed, to become the Villain acts leader to turn pointing fingers (should people get curious) to her as an additional scapegoat. As for Jling, because of Xerxes being declaired dangerious, Jling, who was an adviser to his familiy, was made a member of the alternate council cause of being the one Meta who was considered good (and thanks to a spiecal gem that protacted against magical being attacks, he avoided being wiped from exsitence by the benvolent spirit) while Xandronian would continue his plan to make his species the most dominant, seeing the villain's act as part of his own treacherious plans to make Sea Squirls the one true spieces of exsistence. However, he is very careful to try and make sure no one gets wiser on him about his true intentions and his involvement on the villain's act creation, not his "allies", not Xerxes (Qui was made aware of the conspirity of Xerxe's family by Jling and made to vow an act of silecne), not his own people unless he was sure they were under his corruptive influence, not anyone, because seeing how the villains act did such dispicable things, and if it was found out it was all because of the sea squirls, everyone is gonna be pissed!


The Sea Squrils, before the Xerxes' uprising, weren't exactly as loved as they were when they were attacked. Sea Squirls weren't hated or love, people just don't know what to think of them. Sea Squirls didn't even have the "Cute" status before the Xerxes mess because there were creatures that were considered A THUNDSON TIMES cuter. The only thing Sea Squirls have as a reputation, is that sometimes they're rediculiously shy and often not exactly, die-hard intelligent, but not complete idiots either. They were viewed as an "under-atthiver" race that wasn't destine for great things. And to a young Xandronian, that means nobody doesn't cared too greatly for Sea Squirls.

While being considered an under-athhiver race isn't an intentionally mean racial slur, it means that a race isn't meant to aspire to greater things and they exist, just to exist. Xandronian tried many times to inspire greatness to his race, but no one even dared to do anything, being happy and content to live life as it is. Xandronian's attempts had at least been met by earning him a cushy goverment job as adviser to the rulers of the Sea Squirls in Carbunga. Xandronian didn't cared too greatly about the position and doesn't want to be remembered as a someone who assisted a ruler. He wanted to be remembered as someone who made his race greater then the status quo, but he puts up with being adviser as only a momentarly distraction until he can resume his true goals. However, given he wasn't truely thrilled with the position to begin with, he had even bigger issues with it that the current Sea Squirl rulers are friends with the parents of Xerxes, who were known to be extremely pranky thanks to a rare mental illness.

Xandronian, however, doesn't see that as an excuse for Xerxes' parents to act like children, even though that's exactly what the illness does, and Xandronian hates them even more that they make him the butt of their jokes. Being tricked to eat things he's alergect to, being given "surprise" cherry bomb presents, and always discovering his beard being colored pink are among the most commen pranks. Xandronian tried many times to convince the rulers to punish the two pranksters, but being old friends that cared for Xerxes' parents, refused. One prank ended up going too far. Xandronian was shaved, stripped naked, colored purple with yellow poka dots, and wearing a holosign saying "I am a silly Doonka" right in front of everyone in the town, and the event was broadcasted throughout the AUU. Dispite being told again and again that Xerxes' parents are incapable to know better cause of the illness, Xandronian defelupted an almost dark hatred of the prankers. The rulers having natrolly refused his demands to have the two punished, he desided that doing things legitly isn't enough. He would have to become deceptive.

Under the cover of night, he met with Jling Sling, who also couldn't stand Xerxes' parents' pranks for the life of him. They plan to conspire to be rid of the two once and for all. However, they ended up being included into founding a new rising threat by Grand Duke Kafar-Ja who offers advice and a chance to get their plan done quicker in return for foundership of a new conquest force. Demoralised because they couldn't put up with the pranks anymore, they accepted. Xandronian learned magic from Kafar to malmitulate a latest prank to cause a beloved water tower to fall apart, and to malmitulate the Sea Squirls to actselly be mad about it. What eventally followed was a tragic and violent end of the reign of Xerxes' parents, and the birth of Xerxes as he became.

Xerxes was eventally lead to kidnap Qui from the other universes and started the VA uprising. Thanks to Xerxes' actions, Sea Squirls were given a stronger status then just being an under atthiver race and were given a cute status cause of the other races being sympathic for their troubles, never realising that it was the fault of a rotten adviser. Xandronian was eventally made new leader of the Sea Squirls after the previous rulers were lost from another Xerxes attack, which was an attack that came before the deaths of Xandy's parents. Xandronian admitingly didn't plan on Xerxes to be THIS bad, but cold-heartingly accepted it, in because it made made the Sea Squirls famous. He used his magic to ensure the Sea Squirls stay loyal to this. However, the rise of Xandy's heroisum proved to him that his magic isn't enough to quiell hero-hearted individuals. It made Xandronian very cautious on who he tells his secrets to, and only to those he knows are under the COMPLETE and utter influence of his spell.

Things were going magnifisently until certain events disrupted the VA, seemingly for good. But surprisingly, Xandronian cared little of it's downfall, outside of the fact that he's no longer a secret leader of a powerful force. But in truth, he only saw the VA as a means to make the Sea Squirls beloved enough that they would be worthy of includion of a new possable USRA, but now without the VA and Xerxes attacking them, the progress would be made annoyingly slow, so it does motivate him to consider reestablishing a new VA a great impourence, but he is cynical on the success rate though, knowing well it's only a matter of time before heroes began to pop up like newly liberated vermin. Sometime far later, Jling eventally secretly met up with Xandronian under the cover of night to discuss what to do now. However, upon so, Jling discovered that Xandronian doesn't care THAT much about the VA at all! Xandronian only used it to persue his insane dreams of making the sea squirls the dominate speices and the VA was a way to atthive that, even when members of his own speices had died from the progress that Xandronian faulted it as "a minor inconvinence". Jling became disgusted that he ever desided to worked with Xandronian, and he became dedicated to have the Sea Squirls destroyed. But he knew he can't do it and risk exposing his own past. So he soughted to bad mouth the Sea Squrils for being respondsable for Xerxes' rise to evil. It not only made Xandronian even more cautious about his plans to make Sea Squirls the sole speices, but it drove him to make sure his VA involvement and respondability of his actions are kept as secret as possable. He would seem to have an air-tight plan to protect against Jling's payback, but as we know, nothing stays like that forever. But Xandronian's downfall will also lead to the entire race to suffer more then they really should've once so, and would lead to many historic but unfortunate changes to AUU life.

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