Lord Zuhrontimon

Lord Zuhrontimon

Lord Zuhrontimon Zinushi
is a ruthless Darkspawn lord that was one of the most feared warlord in the UUniverses. His ability to create psychedelic corruption powder allowed him to attack his victims mentally while turning them evil at the same time. This made him a wonderful choice as a Darkspawn lord. He lived during the end of the Second Cartoonian War (which back then was mistaken as the real first one cause many mortals didn't even realised the real first one happened.) where he was born a prince in a prosperous Romanian kingdom called the Yothinshi Kingdom. He was so power-hungry that he discovered the formula of a corruption powder called Vill Powder, which was created by Darkspawn lords long ago, and had been banned to the point of near extinction. But thanks to Zuhron, the Vill Powder had been brought back, and had been mixed with psychedelic mushrooms to create Psyvill Powder, a foul-smelling substance that corrupts by using demonic hallucinations he created by enslaving invisable non-darkspawns that originally didn't want anything to do with the second cartoonian war but Zuhron forced them into it inexchange for their lives, when secretly, Zuhron is actselly a pasifist coward, meaning he won't really phsyically harm anyone or used his magic outside of making the powder and thus, the unwitting non-darkpawnic demons were trick to make themselfs known only when the powder is used on someone and triggers the victim's fear stimuli into becoming evil and scared at the same time. This made Psyvill Powder a favorite to all Darkspawn lords, but before the Psyvill Powder could be shared, Tyro and the High Council defeated him, sending him to the Banished Realms where he literally became a demon. But not before he was able to harness his corruptive abilities into a simple crown called Zuhrontimon's Crown, which allowed Zuhron to posess the wearer, and haunt him/her with the Psyvill Powder until he/she becomes a permanent Darkspawn within 24 hours. However, he hides an embarrising secret that his fearce reputation compinsates for, is the fact that, thanks to his anti-volience mortal mother, was mentally raised to become a pasifist, and a pasifist darkspawn would become a disgrace and the butt of many jokes in the world of darkspawn.


Zuhron is an expert in black sorcery, as well as an advanced black potions master. His intelligence is far greater than any other black sorceror ever known, and has created dozens of hellish substances that have caused chaos during the Second. He studied 505 black magic spells, and has upgraded his physical capabilities with the use of his black potions. He has powerful strength, stamina and invulnerability as well as telekinesis, shapeshifting, flight and posession.

With his Psyvill Powder, he can mentally attack his victims with demonic hallucinations with just one simple blow of the powder. The effects last for hours, and get worse and worse. But after building up an immunity to his own Psyvill Powder, he soon gained the ability to control the hallucinations of his victims himself. He also has the ability to read minds, able to find his ememies' worse fears, and use them to his advantage if the Psyvill Powder doesn't work. He has bedunkled millions of high-leveled occlumency users throughout his lifetime, and over time, he adapts VERY quickly. However, his magic is fallable, cause the one form of magic he can NEVER over-come is Eqinox Magic, the unifived magic of both light and dark properties, and even a simple spell is over 900 in level, when Zuhron is only level 99. Thus, giving Zuhron a personal fear of Eqinox, which is one of many magic abilites Tyro was able to do to stop him.

His black magic spells are also useful. He has a wide knowledge of black magic, able to trick people into wrongdoings, cut a body in half with one hand chop, rip out a soul with his hand, take away the powers of his victims, horribly disfigure a victim, break relationships with a simple finger-snap, and even use a curse that pinpoints an enemies' physical weakness, and attack it. He even has the ability to create black-magical energy blasts that have violent effects such as bursting a vital organ, swelling up the victim's body until it explodes, or even killing the victim...... In throey however. The thing is, he's actselly all talk and no bite, cause unknown to even Malefor, he's a pasifist, meaning he's mentally unable to actselly even punch a person or anything with sentience, demonstracting he's a cowerd who hides behind enslaved brutal non-darkspawn demons. And if anything happens to his true weapons, I.E. the non-darkspawn demons, the true all-talk and no punch coward within is gonna come out sooner or later.

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