Loxford is the Silas of Captain Blot's crew. This African Grey Parrot is a french accent aristocrat perched on Capt. Blot's shoulder. This bird packs a surprisingly dangerous airborne punch when he's not scouting out trouble ahead.


Loxford was an inport from Agrabah as part of a pet trade. Loxford first earned his french accent from when he was in a french-like community. However, a pirate raid came and nabbed many birds, Loxford among them.

Loxford was grosumly abused and neglected to the point he defelupted shockholm syndrone for his abusers, and was introdused to piracy. Loxford ended up becoming a pet parrot for the captain that was in charged of the raid. It lasted for a while until an attack from the royal navy brought down the ship, killing the captain in the progress. Loxford escaped and was never captrued. Loxford was eventally found by Blot who had more of a use for him then just a pet, but also became Blot's eye in the sky, along side Martha. Thanks to Loxford's shockholm syndrone, he's incapable to have a moral understanding and never objected to even Blot's worser actions. He sometimes almost phrasies them.

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