Loxxoll Knoxx Qyrebrone, AKA Loxxoll the Corporate, is an Alternate UUniversal Grutt from Planet Qyzlloy. He is a money-grubbing and greedy crime lord and the brother of Gozzog the Corporate, who, unlike him, is a wealthy benefactor for Awesome Jaxtom who provides him with the control of one of the planet's societies through his criminal guild on Planet Taitera, stealing from Huncus and their rebellion and is a huge pest to them, especially Wusamble Huncus and his vice-president Jeffer Blaeke. Bitter that he failed to get the position as head of the family, Loxxoll left the planet and went to Taitera, one of the biggest Huncus providers for the System, using an entire silo of bounty hunters to rob hundreds of amounts of technology and providing them to Jaxtom in exchange for a ton of cash. His actions hinder Huncus' business heavily, but they manage to get out of bankruptcy multiple times due to their war funds against the corrupted Armatage Corporation. Loxxoll has been one of the most successful members of the family, but it doesn't mean he is respected by them as his actions have attracted far too much attention to the family, and thus they disowned him and banned him from the family hall for life. Regardless, he still does well in the criminal business, managing to smuggle the illegal Qooler weapon line into the Beofynzeny System, and owning every single shipment of said weapon line, locking them up in the best security technology money can buy.


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