Lu Kai LXXII, AKA Lu Kai the Misery-Bringer is a Water Buffalo from the KFP World. He is the 72nd descendant of his family, and is related to Lu Kang, and like much in his family, was ruthless in his power, as well as ignorant and a true tyrannical leader who was formerly denied to be Emperor by his family because of showing true evil. He is from the same family strain as the Emperor who prosecuted Pang Bing and her sisters during their time, Emperor Lu Kai the Terrible the second descendant of the family, and did so because he wanted to bring trust in his subjects by playing on their xenophobia in magic (As well as personal payback for the one time he tried to make Pang Bing and her order serve him for conquest but was refused and basicly encouraged magical discrimination as a result, but then figured that it worked TOO WELL to the point that now in hindsight it was no longer a good idea to keep consisent to that out of fear of an anti-magic revolt). He trapped Pang's sisters in a chi-powered magic containment box while Pang escaped and, after crazy circumstance, turned evil and was out for revenge. But he hatched clever plots to have Pang captured, and had one that could've succeeded until he was called out of his tyranny by lawful and responsible Kung Fu masters who placed him on trial and sentenced him to death, espeically since his actions lead to the destruction of an entire magical city and lead to it's vengeful king to curse Chi users into lose their Chi connections if they're as bad as him or if they're of average morals, leaving the pure goods unintentionally alone. This left eternal shame to the Imperial Family as a result to the point that they went from consistent water buffalos to a mixed species family of mainly other ungulates to hide that shame, denying the Lu Kai strain ever since, espeically Lu Kai LXXII, following his attitude and arrogance getting him denied of Emperor status. He has since went into building his own army with the toughest warriors and barbarians he can find in his current hide-away in the Xizang (Tibet) region of China not too far from the Himalayas, including having taken control of a once peaceful village of what he thought were Yetis, which are actually Japanese macaques descended from a macaque warrior who have been under a Chi-Ki mutation and have harassed Chi-Tanukis (Chinese raccoon dogs) in Yunnan for being nearly responsible for such an ailment, and thus go by such a name. However, true-Yetis or not, they are still a worthwhile investment of his time and control and he can always say that they're Yetis to scare enemies. He was responsible for enabling Mothlock to acquire the same containment device in part of a deal to supply him with what Lu Kai The Terrible failed to get: Magic control, as part of his plans to control that and Chi, in the form of seeking out Hai Hoi, as simply a means to control China and the world it inhabits to become Emperor of the World. Though he is considered a hypocrite for making magic look bad and yet vowing to use it in conquest, even by himself being self-aware of the irony of his plans, he only wishes to make it look bad so it can be given a stronger reputation to the point where another Chi-Magic war or anything similar ensures so he can step in and endorse it. It's likely part of a plan to make the Lu Kai strain look good again or at least an extremely over the top way of getting the imperial family out of the way so he can resume his ansisters ambition to control lands beyond China and become Emperor of the World, worse off, he could even move beyond that and target the United Universes next if that isn't enough for him.


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