Lu Kang

Lu Kang (later christened Xi'an Po) is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is the royal grandson of the former Emperor, now having taken his place as the current Emperor of China. He first appeared in the episode "Royal Pain", where he was brought to Po, Shifu and the Furious Five to train and master kung fu in order to claim his royal birthright.


Lu Kang is the heir and grandson of the Emperor. In order to claim the throne, he was sent to the Jade Palace masters in order to learn kung fu and prove himself worthy.

Lu Kang is much like Po: childish, excitable, panicky, and exceedingly clumsy, often breaking objects and getting his hooves stuck in a pickle jar. He is also humble, preferring others to call him Lu, and he lacked self-confidence due to no one believing in him. However, when he gained confidence in himself, he was able to improve greatly in kung fu, and used his new-found strength to ultimately defeat his treacherous personal emissary and earn his place in the royal family, being in line for the royal throne. He still, however, remained a klutz afterward, but conceding that he was "an awesome klutz".

In "Emperors Rule", Lu Kang returns to the jade palace as Emperor. He mentions that the Emperor stepped down from the throne and named him as successor. The group is surprised it's him. He came to appoint Po to be his army commander and head of the imperial surcurity. After leaving the jade palace po discovers that one of lu Kang's advisors are villains and one of them, Pang Bing, wants to control the world with mind controlling. With aide of a relucent allience of some of the show's villains, Po was able to stop Pang Ping and end her terror.

Role in the SAF series.

Lu Kang returns to be a major change factor for Dreamworks China's Permit system. However, there's a legit issue with a returning angry cat which, a cold duck magition, a Mothron, and a rotten family member with an army of yetises, kinda getting in the way of that.

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