Lucius Daren Luttrell

Lucius D. Luttrell is a human who comes from an ancestry of villains, and his parents were among the first to not follow the dark path in centuries. They did not wish for their son to follow the same path, but after years of being bullied because of his heritage, Lucius began to slowly go down the dark path, and he caused a scam that got him expelled from school. He was then scolded, harshly told off, disowned, and thrown in an orphanage by his own parents. Angry that his own parents abandoned him and convinced that they never cared about him, Lucius became determined to carry on his family's legacy, and studied for years on it, becoming the great valedictorian of Hivemind University. His missions were 93% successful as his combat and acrobatic skill was unrivaled until he gained a partner in the form of a second valedictorian named Crystle, who fell in love with him. The two did their scholarship missions together, and Crystle later tries to betray HMU, forcing Lucius to resort to blackmail, almost breaking her heart if she had not convinced him that this was what his parents didn't want out of him, and that he was never loved by anyone else in his life. Hurt emotionally, Lucius agrees to help Crystle take down HMU, and keep their cover long enough for the Lodgers to take down the villain school, and live happily ever after as an engaged couple, even facing obstacles like Saiborg, Lavazard, and Lucius' jealous rival Axworthy.


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