Lucy SV

Lucy (Season 3 Appearance/Credit for base goes to StanHoneyThief)

]]Lucy is the carmer and subduer of Blot's crew. This female weasel is capible of knocking out any enemy with her good looks, grace and charm. She has a big disliking to Rarity because she is totally jealous of her beauty and doesn't like the idea of having a baby dragon for a boyfriend, an appearent dislike for her being a "Pedophile", hiding her shame that she had a brother who was a pedophile.



Lucy (2nd Season Design/MSM Design)

Back then, Lucy was the go girl of the world that hosted "Who framed roger rabbet" and has a very strong morality issue against pedophilia, or any romance that concerns age. She's been known to harshly criticsized couples who are younger or older then each-other. She's espeically hateful to Pedophiles, (cause let's face it, they're universeally panned already), and has been a member of several anti-Pedophila groups. However, what destroyed her completely, was discovering that her brother is a pedo after discovering he kidnapped a little boy! She killed her brother to protact the boy! But she felt awful for doing it and wanted to be punished. However, her defence lawyer did too good of a job explaining that her brother kidnapped a child and demonised him as a pedophile, and she avoided jail, to her surprising dismay. She can never accept that she killed someone, pedophile or not, he was still her brother and hated herself for the action, and left her home to leave in self exsile. She found herself to be an assusiate of Blot, thinking that only criminals would accept her now, seeing no point to stay on the good side of socity. She is also a personal crush of Slyler, which can't really be blamed, and found a friendship in Ratpture.
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