Lukinion Poxxia
Vital statistics
Title The Lukinion Boss
Gender Male
Race/Species Mutated Polygonoporus giganticus
Faction Independent Crime Overlord
Description Rough, Bruising, Murderous, Insulting, Determined, Intelligent
Skills and Abilities Natural Tapeworm Abilities, Strategic and Elegant Intelligence, Natural Burrowing Ability, Grows Through Consumption, Long Tentacle-Like Tongues, Water-Like Flight, Resistant To Digestive Acid, Experienced Self-Taught Combat
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob's World
Alignment Evil

Lukinion Poxxia is a giant eel-like tapeworm that had fluorished inside the digestive tracts of the Alaskan Bull Worm since it ate a rotten whale carcass. He is estimated to be 30ft long in length (In terms of the heroes), and can burrow through anything. For years, the Alaskan Bull Worm has been getting major sicknesses thanks to Lukinion, and ever since he got inside the Bull Worm's body, he's grown bigger and longer, feeding on the Bull Worm's bodily fluids. He has also gained sentient intelligent when the Alaskan Bull Worm ate a truck filled with an experimental intelligence fluid, and gained an army of Mr. Krabs and Larry the Lobster look-alike clones, and threatens to enslave the inhabitance of the Alaskan Bull Worm, and control the worm itself to eat as many people in the UUniverses as possible and claim more slaves. He has a voice like Hugo Weaving, and is incredibly smart when it comes to leading the biggest score the Alaskan Bull Worm had ever ingested, as he uses his power to intimidate and kill others, and actually manages to kill off other crime lords to destroy the competition, effectively taking over the syndicate.

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Arrival in the Alaskan Bull Worm and Sentience


  • (Village Chief): Lukinion started out arriving when the Worm decided to have a taste of meat. It ate a rotten whale carcass.
  • (Most Lodgers): HUEGH!
  • (Village Chief): Relax! Like most predators, it's digestive acid is strong enough to deal with things normally contagious and deathly. When this whale came in, the mess was crazy. (The whale carcass plumped right into the Pharynx chamber as everyone was taken by surpirse)... (Lukinion was seen as a regular whale tapeworm)... Lukinion started out as an ordinary tapeworm. (He behaved in a similar way to the parasitic worm of Supersponge PS1)... Relatively harmless as an ordinary part of internal fauna. But then... Something unexpected happened! (A large truck filled with green slime crashed as everyone panicked again, and did this)
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel "Eeeeew" (2008)

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel "Eeeeew" (2008)

Get to the EEEWWW Part

  • (Village Chief): Lukinion discovered it by accident when the noise caught his attention, and... (He supposedly disappeared into the goop as fish were cleaning it up)
  • Fish #1: Yeesh, sometimes being in a worm can have it's disadvantages. The sanitation, the lack of hygiene and responsibilities, but the thing is to keep anything harmful from... Well... Doing harm! (He puts on gloves) This worm will eat anything!
  • Fish #2: Heh, I get'cha! I saw a part of some poor sap's ass here being noshed on by little crabs. (Scoffs) It was so funny, I took a picture of it!
  • Fish #1: You sick f***! Just get to cleaning! Who knows what kinda s*** this thing will do! (Suddenly, bubbles occurred in the goo, as the entire truck blew up in slime as they all avoided it, and out from the goop came Lukinion as the mutant he is now, as he consumed him)
  • Fish #2: (Fish #1's scream was heard)... HARVEY!... Harvey? (Lukinion slithered around in the shadows multiple times and then finally showed himself)... H... Holy SPIT!
  • Lukinion: Careful! I'm dangerous! (He got out one of his tongues as it started to suck him up in a similar fashion to DBZ Cell when drinking a guy as he had distorted screaming along the way, and Lukinion glided off, and dived back into the stomach and into the stomach acid, resisting it fine, and started spooking people until he breached and showed himself, scaring everyone senseless as he attacked the village)... THERE'S A NEW BOSS IN THE HORIZON! AND HIS NAME, IS LUKINION! (He cackles)
  • (Icky): ".... That's his mutant name?.... He, he named himself after Leukemia, mixed up a lotta letters, and, that's the end result? I kinda figure the hyper-advanced parasite would create a better name than that."
  • (Iago): "Hey, at least's it's better then if he were to name himself Cell, like what Cell did in Dragon Ball Z."

Organized Crime Takeover


  • (Village Chief): Once he got smarter, let's just say that his next move, was both a blessing and a curse in disguise. (A steamy spa-like environment was seen as Krabs-like crabs and a Larry-Eqsed Lobster were seen)
  • Crab Boss: Did that crab pick up with the E. coli shipment yet? I need my Vitamin K supplements ASAP!
  • Crab #1: Not yet! That guy seems a little crabby, if you catch my meaning!
  • Crab Boss: Well, you ain't gonna find any E. coli up here in the stomach! Get down there, send him a message! (Suddenly, someone came in as it was a snake-like figure, and it was revealed to be Lukinion humming)
  • Lukinion: Boss Perry Site! (Chuckles) So THIS is where you go to drown your sorrows like the minor parasite you are!
  • Lobster #1: Hey, pal! This is a private spa! BEAT IT!
  • Lukinion: Oh, excUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me! I'm new in the belly, and I just wanna say, great digs! Let's just cut to the chase, I'm looking for volunteers for a big score!
  • Crab Boss (Boss Perry Site):... I don't know if you heard, but I run the rackets in this Alaskan Bull Worm!
  • Lukinion: Why do you think I came here, hmm?
  • Perry: Just take your hustle some place else, will you?
  • Lukinion: This ain't no hustle! This is about the biggest score you've ever seen! I'm bigger than any worm you've ever come across or even lived inside in the deepest bowels of this hell!
  • Perry: Look who thinks he's the Toxocara worm, huh? (Everyone laughed)
  • Lukinion: Toxocara, you say? (He pushes the two guards away with his tongues) Lemme tell you something about Toxocara, pal! TOXOCARA IS A CASE OF DIARRHEA COMPARED TO ME!
  • Perry:... Alright, that does it, stringy! You're outta here! Lorey, take this punk to the digestive pits! When we're done with you, it'll take the most expensive and painful of plastic surgery to fix what's left of you!
  • Lukinion: (Chuckles) Sounds like a gas, baby, pun intended/unintended! Bring it on! (They attack as he ended up taking them out)
  • Perry: LOREY, WHAT DID I TEACH YA, HUH?!? (Lukinion spits firey acid into the steam pit) WHA-WHAT'S HE- (He took out the others and grabbed Perry) DYAAA!
  • Lukinion:... What did I tell you? It's time... For a NEW MANAGEMENT! (He consumed Perry off-camera and grew longer thanks to it)... (Chuckles)
  • Lobster Goon: "(Lukinion looks at them...)...... So, what do you have in mind..... Boss?"
  • Lukinion:... Oh, how about, make this Alaskan Bull Worm, an eater of everything you'd want to exploit? When I'm around, you'll have enough to make everything here, a dream come true! And let's just say... In the case of those who pushed you around... It's gonna be deadly! (He chortled with everyone else)
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