Lust is a pony creation of Junjie and a member of The Sinister 7. She is seductive, attractive, tempting, and lacking of self-respect. Lust was created to be based on Mang's own Le Fifi, capable of being attractive to lure the male lougers to their trap, and always speaks like a character from a triple-X rated video. She's a pink pony who has a blone mane and tail, wears ear-rings, and a cutie mark with some hearts, one big one that's looks shriveled up and constricted by a snake. Her DNA donor was a known attractive actress from Manehatten that one of Junjie's leopards were able to get days prior to Forget-Me-Never.


Coming soon...


  • "I hear a pony's wings are sexually sensitive. Let's test that out, shall we?"
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