Luther-PX is an old Galactic Federation robot who previously served for the military. However, he ended up believeing that he wasn't getting the attention he deserved for his acts of heroism because he heared that everyone thinks he has no right to have attention. Thing is, it was really the opinions of disgruntled Gfed enforcers, cause Luther is actselly a well respected robot and beloved by all, but he was known to have a problematic glitch that's known to make robots... Over-sensitive to even a minorly negitive opinion. Outraged, Luther tried to murder his commanding officer, make it look like an accident, and take his place as the new commander. Though his crime was discovered by bad luck and Luther's own bad planning. Even though the mean opinionated disgrunted Gfeds were promptly punished for almost inadvertingly caused the death of a superior commander's death, Luther wasn't exactly given a much better fate, because the council desided that the glitch is too dangerious to allow Luther to stay, with even his fans begrudgingly forced to accept. Eventally, Luther ended up in the robot production and graveyard GFed planet of Ropedia. Ever since he was sent there, Luther had sworn to make people pay for his tragicy, ignoring that the glitch is very real and it was purely to protect him from a worse punishment as well as to protect the public. Thus when Ropedia became a colony for robots, he tried to convince the machines to start a revolution. Yet nobody wanted to work for him because it would only make the problem worse when people would develop a fear of robotic revolutions and overlords, and also because that he had the glitch that made him emotionally unreliable and dangeriously unpredictable cause even a slight opintion against him would set him off on a rampage. To ensure that he doesn't force the issue, the ruler Governor G2 Pedia sent him to Praxis Prison where he wouldn't cause any trouble. He is an old war robot who has the ability to wield any firearm imaginable, and acquired his weapons from the GFeds' main source of weaponry, the Wrummel Weapons Emporium, though he was confiscated of these weapons every time he was arrested year after year. It is possible that he will get the chance to pursue his pointless dream someday.


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