M.A.V.I.S Eye

M.A.V.I.S Eye

The Main Artificial Virtual Information System or M.A.V.I.S is an Alternate UUniversal AI unit created on the moon of Xeexar VII by the Human Alien Allies of the former United Sentient Races Alliance in 2008. There are MAVIS units on every planet in the AUU which are programmed to give requested information to anyone who wants it. She uses massive amounts of data from the Internet to explain what the user asks for such as the disease a friend has, what happened during a war, and about a beings' biological and neurological makeup. She was created for the humans in case they ever returned from The Tranquility Zone to give them all the information on what happened to the AUU since they left.


M.A.V.I.S VFigure

M.A.V.I.S' Virtual Figure

M.A.V.I.S was originally derived from the DNA of a human scientist named Ardene Connors, who was in fact the girlfriend of M.A.V.I.S' creator, Doctor Idmon Parns. They were both workers for Globex who had dreamed of making fully-sentient AI units. But they sadly had to separate when the Villains Act forced the humans to evacuate, leaving the both of them in utter grief and sadness. Fortunately for Idmon, Ardene left some hair behind before she evacuated. Idmon then had an idea to analyze the hair for it's DNA, and download her neurological makeup and voice into M.A.V.I.S' machinery. Idmon created it not only for the humans, but so he could always be happy to feel like he was with Ardene again. M.A.V.I.S became an all-knowing AI unit with access to her own virtual link in a special virtual chamber where she appears as a virtual clone of Ardene. Outside the chamber, she is only seen as an AI eye who has the exact same voice as Ardene. Since her creation, M.A.V.I.S units were installed on every planet in the AUU so that when the humans returned to their home planets, they would catch up to speed on what happened to the AUU since their evacuation.
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