Maan Incorporated is an Alternate UUniversal corrupt black business organization that was founded on Planet Iircen in secret, and is run by former war businessman Gryson Maan. Ever since his last company, a defunct branch of Globex Industries, Globex Warnomics, was shut down due to excessive surplus and budget, as well as being done so by the wrong Legion general to do the job which caused the Legion to almost look bad, Gryson had founded this business in hidden underground sanctuaries on Iircen to do black market trades for other criminal syndicates, and quite rarely the Villains Act. It is also the producer of several robot soldiers and weapons. Gryson remains anonymous in this business for his own safety, and hired a public official to run it named Administrator Osmolla, along with her loyal but more reasonable assistant Miss Jauling. Jauling helps do the orders from the company, particularly for smuggling weapons and equipment, and she is an expert at hiding evidence and any suspicious things with her keen canine eyes. The company, even after the fall of the Villains Act, has remained profitable through the smuggling of weapons and equipment to criminal syndicates across the AUU, and has yet to be shut down.


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