Mabel Jenna Erxleben
Mabel concept
Vital statistics
Title Mabel the Great, Mabel The Legendary
Gender Female
Race/Species Domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)
Faction Herbavoris Police Department Meter Maid
Description Elderly, Brave, Noble-Hearted, Bold, Inspiring
Skills and Abilities Natural Goat Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Herbavoris (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Mabel J. Erxleben is an elderly female goat who appears in The Official Zootopia Handbook. In starting defeluptment, she is an old meter maid who works for the Zootopia Police Department. But she was eventally removed for an unclear reason other then because it was felt that she wasn't truely needed.


Rich Moore and Byron Howard cite Mabel in a "Deleted Characters" DVD feature, in which she is referred to as The Old Goat. They report that she had various jobs and different appearances during development, including one point at which she was 'just a screaming old goat', and times she would faint. Finally, she came back as a fellow meter maid.

There is a storyboarded scene with recorded lines, in which she talks to the newly-recruited Hopps at work, inadvertently discouraging her.

Role in the series.

The role for Mabel is revised as a humorious, sleep issued, old goat of the same name who lives in Herbavoris and would inadvertingly end up being a major aide in fixing the city of many issues. Aside from being easily distracted and absint minded, even forgetful at times, she is aware on how mess up Herbavoris is, but keeps an upbeat attatude reguardless. She is also regarded in Herbavoris as a legendary hero cop in her youth who many people including predators know of very well, and some criminals are foolish enough to underestimate her by her current age.

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