Diego MacBrink

Diego Olyum MacBrink

Diego O. MacBrink is an Alternate UUniversal Gaccoon from Planet Mucury. He is a raccoon-like vigilante gunslinger who had gone into head-on obscurity from his days as a hero after his fiancé Sophie Wyrmwood ended up missing. He has since gone into working in a deadly gang run by his stepfather, specializing in illicit weapon and military hardware trade throughout his home valley, when he and his associates were busted in a sting operation by Mucury's local police force, and because he hated his stepfather, he aided in his arrest. With his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness in full swing, and with the reveal of who he is, he was given a choice to either be locked up or join their covert ops division. He chose the next best thing: going back to his job as a vigilante gunslinger, promising to aid them for helping turn in his stepfather. Although he was initially cynical, Diego came to believe that he could make amends for his past sins with his stepfather by righting the injustices of Mucury. He ended up busting over 52 criminals all across the planet. However, he later discovered that his stepfather broke out of prison and united all his busted enemies together into a criminal syndicate, expanding his former illicit trading business ten fold, so much so that Diego's influence waned, and rogue bandits constantly teased him to the point where he changed his residence every day. Waiting for the right opportunity to bring this new business down, Diego set off alone and went underground, honing his skills until he resurfaced several years later as a fresh new gunslinger for hire, doing far better than he did before, busting 16 of his stepfather's comrades. But while Diego's talents are sought after by independent criminal parties great and small, he fights only for causes he believes are just, and vows to go through pain if it means he brings justice to a world that has so much and yet so little of it. He still misses his fiancé, and has his fragile moments about her. Eventually, after Sophie is finally found by the Heroes Act, in a debt of gratitude, he and Sophie join the Heroes Act.


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His UIS Identity, Jacqson Queck McReady, is a creature called a Hodax, a predatory canine with colorful ears. He is packed with a rough attitude and started off as an outlaw that was surprisingly just, feeling he was born that way with no home or family. He is armed with two revolver blasters, and he also has four deputy holodrones that provide him cover, referring to all of them as his one and only family, alongside his unsentient pet Hodax Lynch.

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