Mad Man Mayhem

Mahr Ceen Deadfall, AKA Mad Man Mayhem

Mahr C. Deadfall, AKA Mad Man Mayhem, is an Alternate UUniversal Ilihog from Planet Jinter. He is a literal roadhog who used to be a former combat racer turned insane and then a bandit leader in a wide ranch with views as far as the eye can see called the Krooger Roadlands, that was once owned by the weapon-manufacturing Krooger Corporation until he stole all resources following it abandoning the place and turned the land into his own, turning anyone who enters is borders into roadkill, and adopting all the stolen technology into the land's very Mad Max-like hazardous society, and making his headquarters in a giant abandoned Holodome called 'Death Row', which is filled with large roads and various obstacles that are still in working order. That changed when the Banditry Movement appeared thanks to Gozzog the Corporate decreeing that unorganized crime in the system was weak and likely to collapse, making him the leader of the 'Roadkiller Guild', who are bandits specializing in vehicular combat. As a person who had a passion for vehicular combat since he rode a sail-hoverboard into restricted areas and was arrested multiple times by the Phaseforce and AAF, and when he intended to get into the racing business, he was denied due to the specific details of his criminal record. This forced him to kill another racer and steal his identity. But when his ruse was discovered and all he earned taken, as well as being arrested for impersonating a racer, he got his revenge after years of insanity in the Maximum Security Prison, stealing a Phaseforce Cruiser and tearing up much of the prison and beyond, taking all of his liberated prison mates as his henchmen. Disappearing without a trace, and leaving the Phaseforce millions of dollars worth in property damage, they went to the Krooger Roadlands, where they proceeded to take it over after finding the opportunity as Krooger was retiring from that area, and turned it into his roadhog bandit empire, stealing hundreds of vehicles all over the Beofynzeny System, through the vehicles themselves or Digistruct blueprints. Mahr has been responsible for many crimes besides the ones that got him into the prison, as he hates their society for what they did to him, including sabotaging the Beofynzeny System's Digiportation Grid, the system's best teleportation grid that has the same system of resurrection and also has fees for service, only greater than the Digisurrection Service, as he did so because of it's 'unacceptable and inexcusable' inflations, doing a massive amount of damage in revenge. The Phaseforce has failed constantly to bring him to justice, and his Death Row Arena has a lockdown protocol to anyone who enters, and any Phase Officer who entered had the same fate. The Krooger Roadlands are so wide and expansive and is so dangerous, limits had been made when travelling there, and only few people had survived his road-raging wrath. His trademark vehicle, the Speedbreaker, is a jeep/monster truck-like vehicle with six-wheel drive that was formerly the best and most famous combat racing machine that he stole despite the interference of naïve but caring children whom he insulted and mocked for saying the vehicle 'has feelings' after it 'shivered' upon his threats as it was merely natural movement, and him 'being guilty of murder', and he killed them all for going that far with their interference, even recording their 'naïve words' through his Holo-Recordings for entertainment, giving him a greater criminal status than before. With it in his hands, he turned it into a more powerful killer vehicle with two multi-setting manned-unmanned shielded turrets, machine guns, and durable armor that are made of a metal that can absorb energy and overcharge the vehicle's capabilities. With these vehicles, weapons, arena, and an entire empty land in his possession, he has been dubbed the king of roadhogs. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Mad Mel, and is just as reckless, dangerous, and insane, held back only by the fact that thinking and hindsight aren't exactly his strongest tools. These weaknesses are actually so considerably great, his murderous attitude alone has kept him his infamy status on what is otherwise a classic violent dimwit.


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  • "YEAH!! (Cackles) You'd better RUN!!!"
  • "YEEEEAH!!!"
  • "Pfft, that's hilarious! You sound like them moppets who wanted to keep this baby from belongin' to me! (He plays it as bad singing was heard, and he stopped it embarrassingly) Aw crap, that's my old Graphene Idle tape! (He searched frantically for the right one, but couldn't)... Uh... Uh, look, the whiner went among the lines like (Fasolo voice) "Now look what you've done! She's scared! She shivered! That's right! You take her away and rip her up into something worse, you'll be guilty of murder!" (He scoffed wildly and laughed out of control) P'HAH! IT STILL CRACKS ME UP!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF TINY-BRAINED RETARDS!!! (Laughs) (Icky: Yeesh, I hope he gets a beating from fans of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!) But seriously, killing you guys will be the best part of my résumé!"
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