Madam Deces

Madam Delginific Deces

Madam Delginific Deces
is a dark sorceress and one of Maleficent's many dark students. She knows many forms of black magic. But she also knows antimagic, or an illegal form of magic that wizards are forbidden to do (Much like the magic in Fairly OddParents that are restricted by Da Rules). She knows many forms of curses and forms of cruelty. She is the arch-nemesis of Mrs Stork.


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Deces is a large black widow spider with 8 long and sharp legs. She has 4 red eyes, and a hideous mouth. Her thorax is huge and has a red streak. She wears similar clothes to Maleficent's, but instead of green coloring, there are red colorings. She has long black hair that turns red when it goes down to length.

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