Madam Gludys A. Wasteweather is an Alternate UUniversal Bommon from Planet Oepruse. She is a selfish power-hungry elderly apeish amfibian who has an eccentric and rather rambunctious temper, and a self-serving thief out to steal the shorce of the Weatherbird's power. Thus she ended up overthrowing them by setting up and getting the princess Thunderia exiled for her preference to hand over the reigns of princess to someone else and even imprisoning her mother. Then she struck a deal with The Villain Legion to get the unfathomable weather powers of a gas giant in return for safeguarding the Astral Princess Siri. But her greed and lust for more power got her to eventually betray the Villain Legion and shut off everyone on the planet with a hyperstorm set on destroying the planet's life and restoring it in her image. Then she would be defeated by Siri and the Clam Lounge Squadron, giving her due comeuppance. She was left to be devoured by giant AUUian bats when the Legion refused to help her out, stating that "We don't help Yarge-Outs". She is the AUU version of Madame Medusa.


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Her species is similar to the wraids of Star Wars the Old Republic, but she's much skinnier (Save for a bolbus pot-belly), wrinkled, and has a strange dress.


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