Madam Mim

Madam Mim

Madam Mim is a batty old sorceress and a member of the Villain League. She is also a main antagonist of Spongebob and the Sword in the stone.



Madam Mim appears in the original version of the novel, but not in the revised version featured in The Once and Future King which is more commonly known. In Italy she is known as Maga Magò. This character was the basis for the film character. Mim was animated by two of Disney's legendary Nine Old Men, Milt Kahl (who also designed the character, refining storyboard sketches from Bill Peet), and Frank Thomas. Kahl animated her initial interaction with Arthur, while Thomas oversaw her famous "Wizards' Duel" with Merlin. Madam Mim's total screen time does not exceed 20 minutes in the film.


Madam Mim is a very powerful witch who is equal or more powerful than Merlin himself, however overconfidence is her biggest flaw. She is an old rival of Merlin, and holds him in disregard. Mim is presented as boisterous, mischievous, and rather conceited, a sorceress much impressed with her own power who delights in causing trouble. She is also a somewhat morbid character with a distaste for sunshine and all things wholesome.

Powers and Abilities

Madam Mim claims to be more powerful than Merlin. She is shown doing a few minor tricks, like withering flowers. The main ability she displayed however was her shape-shifting skill with which she can take the form of anything she wants. During her introduction scene, she changes into a cat, and magically makes herself uglier, and then beautiful. During her wizard duel with Merlin, she turned into: an alligator, a fox, a hen, a elephant, a tiger, a rattlesnake, and a rhinoceros, all of which were colored pink and an ugly, purple, fire-breathing dragon.


The Sword in the Stone

When Arthur is transformed into a bird by Merlin, he ends up in the home of Mim. Madam Mim initially tries to convince Arthur that she is better than Merlin, but Arthur remains unconvinced, citing that Merlin uses his magic for good. This results in Mim deciding to try and destroy him, being that she sees all good things as bad ("Yes, and in my book, that's bad!"). She transforms into a cat and captures Arthur, but cannot destroy him as Merlin appears and interrupts her. This results in a "Wizards' Duel" between her and Merlin for the young boy's life in which both parties transform into a series of animals. Mim cheats throughout the entire duel, breaking each of her self-set rules in turn. Mim initially has the upper hand, especially after transforming into a dragon. However, Merlin outsmarts her by transforming into a germ and infecting her. She is last seen in her home, recovering from the disease. Merlin advises her to get plenty of rest and sunshine, opening a hole in her roof as he speaks. As Merlin leaves, Mim rants about how much she hates sunshine.

Role in the series

Mim is one of the lesser seen members of the dark forces, yet she will soon antagonize Spongebob on a mission from Fagin and Ratigan, the appearently most recuring characters, to stop the shell louge squad. she is beleaved to be a half cousin of Maleficent, cause of her ability to turn into a dragon. She was originally one of the original sorcerors who sealed away Chernabog in Bald Mountain, but fell to the dark side due to her insanity. She currently serves as a member of the Villain League. but it may not mean it'll be periment, cause Maleficent has some past issues with Mim, as Mim may had upset Maleficent at an undetermin time, and alcourse was once Member of the High councel wizards, so should Maleficent convince Mirage that Mim is un-suitable to be a leager, equilient to Merlin or otherwise, Dr. Nefarious may have Mim yet.

Early role in the series.

awhile ago, she was thought to be a team nefarious member cause of her un-serious behavor, then ended up discontiued when Scroopfan formerly canceled Spongebob and Friends and the Sword in the Stone, back when it was called, Spongebob and Friends find the sword in the stone, but the disidtion was final when the poster came out and featured Fagin and Ratigan, meaning she'll become a villain leager, for now.

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