Madam Therium

Angelika Therium

Madam Angelika Theroux is a monster from the world of Monstropolis. She is a pterosaur sapient monster with transparent-transluscnt rainbow-producing wings and bat ears, climbing abilities, enhanced extrasensory awareness, and was one of the first monsters to eat the magic fruit that gave birth to the monsters of Monstropolis. Over time, she had great and extensive youth, and had will and mind power to contain her pure heart, and disagreed with the idea that monsters should use scream for power, and disbelieving the lies of human children being toxic, being the first monster in existence to discover that laughter was the far better and more powerful alternative after seeing what her scary appearance and monstrous behavior caused. She thus was considered a disgrace to her own kind and took off to avoid the same fate as Loch Ness, Bigfoot, and the Abominable Snowman. She was blessed by a very hyperactive Lightfly named Gelotosa the Giggly, who made her Uniter Princess and gave her two Familiars: Screamer the Monster Hound and Laugher the Monster Hyena, monsters powered by both scream and laughter and provide power to them but cannot exist without each other. Her reason to stop being a Uniter is actselly for a noble reason of because she feared Mothrons would target Monstropolis because of her, so she gave up the Uniter Blade to best protect them, though Gelotosa stayed with her cause she enjoyed Therium's company. It didn't stop Therium from seeking out the Mothron behind Monsters' dependence to Scream, Decepta the Temptress.


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